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10 Years Ago – March 2006

Tech Day

Date: Saturday, March 11th
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: Breitinger’s Speed Shop
Attending: Brian Bogardus, James & Kurt Breitinger, John Haff, Rudy Wilmoth and Dave Winkler.
Guest Attending: Chuck? John? Bud?

My stuffing Club newsletters under unsuspecting Miatas in parking lots paid off as someone I had hit twice, popped in for a while and visited. He is in town until the end of the year working at SRP and whose name I forgot already. He bought a used 99 with some tasteful mods for a fun get around car and showed up to talk Miatas with us. Might turn out to be a member, might not. (Probably not after he reads that I forgot his name.)

We had a whopping 2 cars get worked on. I did the swap of the slightly stripped lug stud and President Dave had his throttle body cleaned and a remote oil filter mount installed. We had one person come to do some wrenching on others cars, Clunk. His partner Thunk showed up a couple times through out the day to help or hinder as needed.

Further inside the newsletter I find this:

Welcome New Members
Kevan & Cate McCaslin from Aiken. They drive a Silver & Black ’99.

Hey, wait a minute, that name (and car) sound familiar, I bet Kevan is the fellow who came to Tech Day…

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