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Fiat Abarth 124 (Fiata)

With Fiat doing an Abarth Edition of the 124 (click here), can a tuned MazdaSpeed version of the Miata be far behind?

The European version of the Fiat Abarth 124 is already 170 hp, which means the US version will likely be a bit higher. Cool… And there’s even a rally version at nearly 300hp, but don’t look at the price (click here for a better article).

3 comments to Fiat Abarth 124 (Fiata)

  • I’m still liking the Fiat version better. Now the Abarth front fascia better than the standard. I could do without the matte black hood and trunk though. The UK Configurator is online so I made mine up. Only $42,475!

  • Kurt

    I like the Fiat version also, especially the taillights and rear end treatment. It makes the Miata version look unfinished.

  • David

    It’s a really good looking car! Leave it to the Italians to make the Miata look grown-up sexy. The $64,000 question is would the Fiat version count as Miata for us to remain in the club? My OCD-ness is telling me I need one simply to complete my Axis car collection… German, Japanese, and now Italian (well, Italian-ish). Ha ha ha!