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Coffee and Cars rescheduled

For whatever reason.

Coffee and Cars Rescheduled

Coffee and Cars Rescheduled

Chasing Steeples

Miata Club Is Railside

First there were 8 people coming, then there were six and then just four, so the Masons stopped at the Bogarduses in their pickup to pick up the Bogardus’s stuff to take to the track. Donna and Karol decided to walk to the track while Brian and Dennis would drive. The guys drove the truck a half mile south to get ice, then back to Boardman Rd so Brian could get the Miata. Because of the gate the vehicles were supposed to enter they had to drive 2-1/2 miles north to almost downtown Aiken, a half mile east and then the 2-1/2 miles back south on a different road to the racetrack. After all that, the guys and the two vehicles still arrived at the designated parking spot a couple minutes before the ladies walked their one mile.

Brian & Donna were originally not going to drive the Miata to the races, figuring someone else could use the parking pass, but seeing as it was just the two couples going they figured someone had to represent. Sort of good thing they did, it attracted a couple of fellow Miata owners from nearby parking spots and Brian got to hand out a couple of Club calling cards.

The gates opened at 9 and by 9:30 we had the Mason’s pop-up awning in place, chairs laid out and our tailgating spot all set up. It was basically cloudy all morning, but precisely at the 1:00PM post time for the first race it started sprinkling. After the first race ended, it stopped. It didn’t exactly work out like that all afternoon, but it certainly seemed to, dry in between, precipitation during the 5 minutes of racing time. It poured and thundered a little during the big money 4th race, but the damp weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit in our little corner of the race course.

Thanks for letting us use your spot Tom.

Aiken Steeplechase

So it looks like Brian and Donna and Dennis and I are the only ones attending the Aiken Steeplechase.

If anyone else is interested in attending – you’ll have to get your own tickets – but we have an extra parking pass.   Contact Karol or Dennis and we’ll arrange to get the parking pass to you.

We have have an excellent rail spot with room for many, a canopy (for shade or rain), food, drinks, and dessert.  Come join us!

Just bring a chair to sit in and whatever “specialty” beverage you prefer.  🙂


25 Minutes Ago – Spring 2016

Mazda MX-5RF
Mazda MX-5 RF

RF = Retractable Fastback

Unveiled at the NY Auto Show tonight. Mazda Media release HERE, video of the top mechanism working is HERE.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is the Best Horse Ever

Morgan’s 3 Wheeler is more fun than a car really should be in 2013. It’s also more fun than a horse. Bear with us, it’ll all make sense soon. (And as explained in a British accent, it’ll sounds so convincing.)