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Close Encounter

Some mysteries have no explanation but I have a theory. Fuel goes in, air goes in, two highly skilled micro-organisms mix the fuel, a dragon spits fire to ignite it, and the species Aplaixonseeles live inside the crank and turn the rotor. Yup, that must be how it works.


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Such A Sucker

Every once in a while, the day can just suck. The force of it all can really get you down. You can skirt the issue for a while, waiting for it to blow over, but man, it’s just so sucky. Oh look at that, fastest time of the day… this really sucks!


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A friend of mine is selling his V8 Miata.


For those that have been to the Boshears airshow, Mike is the founder of Team RV, now Team Aerodynamic. This is an awesome little car for someone that wants a sleeper, with oomph…

Clan Wolfsburg

I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when I brought Mark home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack… it grew by one. Clan Wolfsburg.


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May Dinner Meeting

Location: Food Lion, North Augusta, SC – map

Meet at the Food Lion parking lot (135 Market Place, North Augusta, SC) at 5:30 PM – this is just off I-20 at Exit 5 in North Augusta, SC.

We will leave at 5:45 PM to go on a 30-45 minute ride to Ridge Spring, SC where we will meet at Juniper Restaurant (640 E. Main Street, Ridge Spring, SC 803-685-7547 – map) for a delightful meal followed by our meeting.

You can look up Juniper Restaurant and their menu on Facebook.

Event Coordinators: Mike & Shirley Dyer 803-644-7747