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The Mini Cooper Has Rockstar Status

From Petrolicious:
There are certain cars that define a place and time. Cars that are so part of the culture that they helped to define it. The Mini is one of them. But why is that? Well, as Mr. Sumner Norman explains, it’s because the Mini was ubiquitous–everyone bought one, be it moms shopping for groceries or international recording stars like the Beatles who recognized its universal appeal. And just like Beetles (the VWs mind you, not the boys from Liverpool) and Ford Model Ts, people began modifying Minis for racing almost as soon as they hit the marketplace…

3 comments to The Mini Cooper Has Rockstar Status

  • David

    Perfect timing. Cool little car. Sumner’s love for his Mini perpetuates two of the more common car adages… Its more fun to drive a slow car fast and owing a classic car is akin to being in a dysfunctional relationship. Only real car people would ever under these levels of joy and pain. Good for him!

    Love the new feature, Brian!

  • Both Donna and I have always appreciated Minis and would like to have had one, but because I’m not much of wrench guy never bought one for fear of it being mechanically inclined to leave us stranded somewhere. When the new ones came out we actually test drove one, but found it almost soulless (probably too BMWized) so we traded the ’95 Miata for the 2003.

  • David

    At least you always seem to pick really good cars. I totally get it, though. Most all of the cars I really feel some kinship with are quite a bit older and that presents some definite reliability challenges. It’s forced me to learn a lot more about them, though that’s been painful at times. I hope you can live your Mini dream someday, Brian.