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Christmas Party

Where: TRIO Bar & Kitchen – map

Trio is located at 222 The Alley in downtown Aiken, SC. We will have our own room and will order from the Menu.

And after eating we will have our traditional “Swaperoo Gift Exchange”, so bring an inexpensive gift ($10.00 limit) – one each if a couple or individual – or one for the couple.

Event Coordinator: Tom Varallo 803-648-7374

10 Years Ago – November 2005

Scavenger Hunt

Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: GA Welcome Center
Attending: John & Carol Haff, Kurt Breitinger, John & Jackie Nicholls and Dave Winkler.

This year it was a non-photographic hunt launching from the Georgia welcome center and terminated three hours later at the Snow Cap Drive-in. The teams were required to return with stuff to score points. The teams had three categories for points, individual items, quests to locations, and competition for size of an item.

Of the 20 individual items all teams were able to find a pack of matches from a local business, a travel sewing kit, an acorn with cap, and a wooden spoon. Three items were harder to find only the Nicholls found a pair of oyster shells that matched and a lump of coal, and Kurt found an inter tube. Item 16 asked for a bar of octagon soap. The Haffs found a bar of Octagon Soap but not to be out done Kurt carved a bar of soap into an octagon; both receive five points for their effort. The last item was written in Chinese and was partially solved by Kurt. All three teams were unable, unwilling, or just reluctant to fetch a “lump of processed hay”.

All teams went on a quest to the Augusta Commons and River Walk area to get answers to questions. Some found the right answers. They found out the Godfather of soul is 5’ 9” tall, there is a soapbox for speeches, and on a sunny day you can stand on a clock and read the time of day. Only the Haffs were able to find and count the mailboxes in Morgana SC., and the Nicholls went to Augusta State University to correctly read the time from the sundial in front of Fanning Hall. If you think that’s easy to do, go do it yourself. Kurt located the cheapest gas price of $1.89 and brought in the tallest pinecone. The Nicholls displayed a huge leaf that over shadowed the other entries.

The three team’s scores were very close Kurt 107.5, Nichols 107, and Haff’s 96 of a possible 192 points.

Designed To Win

Still in awe, we watch replays over and over again. This, shown so clearly by the man who nearly won his very first F1 race, is what racing is all about. Behind the wheel, he was magic, he was designed to win.

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Party in the Back

Load that bed up with booze, hair spray, ‘n more booze! We’ve got eight cylinders of serious business under the hood, and all the AC/DC, Van Halen and Def Leppard ever made, ain’t no stopping this party. WoooooWeeeeee! Hey, what time is it? BURNOUT TIME! That’s what time it is!


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Meeting Minutes for November 5th 2015

When: November 5th 2015

Where: Gerald Jones Mazda (Martinez) – Thanks to Don Kittilson for hosting and Jill Johnson for organizing this dinner meeting! Dinner was from Moe’s and was pretty darn good! So was the cake for dessert. They showed us a video that explained SkyActive technology: it has a high compression ratio of 13:1, more torque than previous years, and better fuel mileage. It also has a SkyActive transmission with a high performance gear box. It only comes with a soft top for 2016 but will come with a polycarbonate hard top in 2017.

Who: Kurt Breitinger, John and Pat Clark, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Dave and Devona Eastman, Larry and Rita Garner, John and Carol Haff, Alan and Jill Johnson, Joey Lane and his daughter Bayley, Dennis and Karol Mason, Robert McCorkell, John and Kathy Ormerod, Karl Painter, Hal and Trudy Scott, Stacey and Cindy Timmerman, Tom Varallo, Rudy and Patty Wilmoth, Dave and Sue Woomer, and a new member joined tonight (Stu), he brought his new 2016 Red and Black Miata to show us since the Mazda dealership recently sold the last one they had to him. This brings our membership to 35 members.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1745.47 plus $33.00 in income from dues and pin sales, minus $271 for the purchase of pins, for a total of $1507.47.

Old Business:
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags, or replacement name tags.
• Larry Garner has contact cards for the Miata club (hand these to people who have Miata’s but are not club members).
• Tom Varallo has new pins available for $3.00 ea (look very nice) and ‘Support Vehicle’ magnets for $25.00 per pair.

New Business: Tom made a few remarks:
• The initiative to allow for e-mail voting to change By-Laws passed 27 to 1.
• The initiative to change the beginning of the new year for dues payment to January passed 24 votes to 4. Tom says the survey monkey days are over. ?
• The Christmas Party date has changed. The restaurant called today to say they had already booked another party on the day we wanted. So the date has changed to Saturday the 12th of December.
• The run to the ‘Tale of the Dragon’ for tomorrow (6 Nov) has been cancelled due to bad weather.
The following events have been planned or are anticipated:
• Cars & Coffee event held every first Saturday in the Carolina Pottery shopping center on Washington Rd. It’s from 8-11 am. Bring your car to show it off! Or come out to see the unusual cars. Next one is this Saturday, November 7th.
• November breakfast will be at Betsy’s in Aiken on November 21st.
• December 3rd there is another Iron Chef competition at Red Oak Manor. Let Tom know if you are interested in attending by 16 November.
• December 12th (Same day as the Christmas Party) there is a Christmas Parade in Harlem and we are invited to participate. Tom needs to know by 16 November if you plan to participate.
• Dec 18th – Imperial Theater is doing a concert and ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ may be playing. There are still good tickets available if you are interested.
• January 7th is the planning meeting for next year’s events. Location to be announced. Think about what you would events you would like to do. If you have some ideas for future events, please share them! We would love to hear your ideas.