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C4 RR 3R4

The P-car creed:
I will not lift off mid-corner.
I will not downshift during entry.
I will not underestimate the pendulum effect.
I will introduce a small percentage of throttle throughout the entire duration of the corner.
I will countersteer immediately.


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Builds Character

Perfection? Now that’s setting the bar waaay too high. Plus, where’s the fun? Sorta works some of the time, now that’s more like it. Live a little! You know that life’s an adventure and your ride makes sure you don’t forget it.


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Not all pop-ups are bad. Sure, there are some accidental links that’ll cover your screen in NSFW tiles of shame. Not these. This NAlware has got two shining beacons of hope for all that’s good in the motoring world. So get in one, allow pop-ups and get the answer.


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Sweet Dreams

Ah, it’s quite relaxing lounging on a folding chair. Sun warming your face. Gives you time for reflection. You know, maybe thinking about the fun things you could be doing. Perhaps eating a bowl of oatmeal. How about reading a good book? Or maybe, just maybe, it would be nice to finish a race…


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M20, m50, m52, S5x? 5.0? LSx?!? … v10? You can code-in basically anything!

No matter what lurks behind your [ ][ ] kidneys you know it’s one heck of an enjoyable classic.


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