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Forbidden Fruit

Lightweight roof, spoilered trunk, carbon canards and some alpha-N tuning… DROOOOOL!


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Chemical A-TRACK-tion

Maybe you aren’t mixing ingredients in a beaker to discover the new super fuel. And maybe your highest achievement in chemistry was the foaming volcano for the 4th grade science project. But when it comes to race day, you’ve got strong bonds to the track and definite attraction for the apex!


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It’s that mMm, mMm feeling when you see that shape. When you pop the T tops and drink in a cool, refreshing foot full of throttle. It’s that perfect wrap to bottle up 454 cubes of genuine deliciousness. Ahh, what a shape.


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Blipshift T-Shirts Emails

MandrilllThis past Monday when I received the Madrill weekly email report I noticed something that made me go hmmm. I you want you can click on the picture on the left to enlarge it and guess what it was or you can keep reading, the choice is yours.

Emails went out on three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those days correspond to the days I’ve been posting the new Blipshift T-shirt announcements. The numbers representing those of you interested were down considerably. Those of you opening the email itself were down 18% from the first Mandrill related post back in October and the click rate was less than half than then too.

Well, I feel your growing indifference too. Back when Blipshirt started out it was one new shirt on Friday each week. Then they started with the Monday/Thursday two shirts a week thing, now they are producing 3 a week so even I am getting overwhelmed by underwhelming designs.

Twelve emails a month from the “Club” is not that many emails, but statistics show that there doesn’t seem to be too many of you who even bother, so no more Blipshift T-shirt emails (although I may still post the shirts on the site.) The few of you who are interested can just subscribe by going to the Blipshift page, scroll down and enter your email address in the “Get Email Updates” box. Same 12 emails a month, you’ve just cut out the middle man.

Whenever they come out with a Miata related design I’ll post it so that an email does go out. We are after all, a Miata related Club.




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