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Coffee Shop [with friend]

Where: Ridgecrest Coffee Bar in Aiken – map

As a few of you know Donna and I are doing something called the Moss Motoring Challenge where we score points for taking a picture of a small sign, one of us and our Miata at all kinds of locations. We are finishing up this year’s challenge and we have one “Destination” left and it is called Coffee Shop with friend.

So if anyone is not busy the day after Christmas and would like a free 16 oz. coffee, stop by the Ridgecrest, which has been carefully chosen so as not to be anywhere near Whiskey Rd and the gift returners/gift card spenders. All it will cost you is maybe having your picture taken.

6 comments to Coffee Shop [with friend]

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Brian and Donna. We will still be out of town. Enjoy your coffee and hope your Christmas was a great one!

    Trudy and Hal

  • LG

    Rita and I will probably make it; maybe even topless, forecast is cloudy and 70 for b’fast and 78 for a high. No more rain until Sunday.

  • Kurt B

    Have you already asked Jerry Seinfeld?

  • Anonymous (AKA Trudy & Hal) – 3:22 am? You must be pretty far out of town…

    LG – I was hoping someone from the Club would make it, but I was prepared to stop a random stranger and have them pretend to be my friend. 😉

    Kurt – I tried to interest Jerry in Members in Miatas Getting Mocha Lattes, but he was busy filming with POTUS for CICGC, but he did say I should try to see if Jason Alexander was interested.

  • David

    I really enjoyed the impromptu event. Thanks Brian and Donna! Your Moss Miata Motoring Challenge stories were interesting.

  • Rita Garner

    Impromptu is always fun! Until next time…