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10 Years Ago – November 2005

Scavenger Hunt

Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: GA Welcome Center
Attending: John & Carol Haff, Kurt Breitinger, John & Jackie Nicholls and Dave Winkler.

This year it was a non-photographic hunt launching from the Georgia welcome center and terminated three hours later at the Snow Cap Drive-in. The teams were required to return with stuff to score points. The teams had three categories for points, individual items, quests to locations, and competition for size of an item.

Of the 20 individual items all teams were able to find a pack of matches from a local business, a travel sewing kit, an acorn with cap, and a wooden spoon. Three items were harder to find only the Nicholls found a pair of oyster shells that matched and a lump of coal, and Kurt found an inter tube. Item 16 asked for a bar of octagon soap. The Haffs found a bar of Octagon Soap but not to be out done Kurt carved a bar of soap into an octagon; both receive five points for their effort. The last item was written in Chinese and was partially solved by Kurt. All three teams were unable, unwilling, or just reluctant to fetch a “lump of processed hay”.

All teams went on a quest to the Augusta Commons and River Walk area to get answers to questions. Some found the right answers. They found out the Godfather of soul is 5’ 9” tall, there is a soapbox for speeches, and on a sunny day you can stand on a clock and read the time of day. Only the Haffs were able to find and count the mailboxes in Morgana SC., and the Nicholls went to Augusta State University to correctly read the time from the sundial in front of Fanning Hall. If you think that’s easy to do, go do it yourself. Kurt located the cheapest gas price of $1.89 and brought in the tallest pinecone. The Nicholls displayed a huge leaf that over shadowed the other entries.

The three team’s scores were very close Kurt 107.5, Nichols 107, and Haff’s 96 of a possible 192 points.

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