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If the trade off for burning a lil’ oil is being able to scream at 9000rpm, count me in. Move over pistons, sayonara crank shafts and goodbye cams. No need for all that nonsense here. Gimme a big ol’ triangle over all that mess any day.


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10 Years Ago – October 2005

Jockey Lot

Date: Saturday, October 8th
Time: 7:30 AM
Place: Sportsman BBQ
Attending: Bill & Bonnie Baugh, Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Jackie Nicholls and Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia.

Breakfast at the BBQ was an idea a little out of the ordinary, but it was a lot better than expected. They have only been open for breakfast for a little while, so they didn’t even have orange juice. They did have coffee, and if you wanted, sweet tea or soft drinks… We are not talking Shoney’s breakfast bar, but all the usual suspects were there; sausage patties, bacon, scrambled eggs, grits, sausage gravy & biscuits, so we got our fill.

After breakfast Bill & Bonnie went on home and then there were six. The 3 cars headed north (well a little west first) to Anderson.

The trip up was shorter than we thought and after just a little over 2 hours we were at the renowned Jockey Lot. You know you are there because as you crest the hill there is a yellow warning sign that says, “Congested Area.” And they mean it too. The folks in front of us came to a virtual crawl as they tried to figure out just which one of the some 10 possible entrances to the parking area they should use.

The place is huge. On our way to the several very large, long covered areas/buildings we passed an awful lot of outside tables that were empty. According to Rudy & Patti on Sundays it is even more crowded here because those acres of emptiness are filled with small vendors.

It didn’t take that long to peruse almost the entire place, probably because we were a group of three couples as opposed to one couple or by yourself. A group dynamic surfaced that if you stopped and looked at something, the others would hover, for a while,

and then continued wandering without you. So although there wasn’t any direct pressure to keep it moving, it just worked out that way. All told I bet we only spent an hour and a half there and if you were really into that type of shopping it could easily turn into an all day affair.

And if you spent all day there you wouldn’t starve, as they had several places where you could get snacks and even a couple of places to hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.

Our group decided to forgo eating at the Jockey and instead headed back down the road a piece and finding a restaurant in Abbeville. While the food wasn’t bad at the place we ended up at the end of the last J & J Real Road Rally in May, we thought we would try someplace different. Someone in the group said they had heard good things about a place called Windows on the Square. With a name like that, we figured we would just walk around the downtown square and we would find the restaurant. Find it we did on the square, but the name was really Windows on Main.

The restaurant was housed on the first floor of a building I bet used to be a hotel in the 1920’s, judging by the structure, and it was a nice enough place to get lunch. Definitely a cut above the usual Master’s Miata Club dining standards, this place had fabric tablecloths and napkins.

After lunch John & Jackie went home to feed the dogs. Then there were four and a small ice cream shop on a side street off the square beckoned for desert. And then there were two as Rudy & Patti went wine shopping and Brian & Donna went home.

“Dino Juice” & “NOXious!”

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horsepower! Not the type of power that comes from horses directly, as humanity, we’ve far surpassed the need for horses. It is my stance that we are all entitled to enjoy an abundance of horsepower. No honest earning, hard working American shall want for horsepower. Vote for me! Together, we cam.


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