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Great Scott!

88 mph? Nah. Flux capacitor? Adds unnecessary weight. Roads? Definitely not needed! #BackToTheFuture


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3 comments to Great Scott!

  • LG

    In honor of, we watched Back To The Future last night and will watch the second one tonight. Wow, we really thought we’d be more advanced by now. I can remember when I was a teen (a long time ago, but last year in my mind) reading about self-driving cars predicted by the 80’s. The car would follow a wire in the road; you could take a nap, work, or other until the car notified you that your exit was coming up. You would then turn your seat back to facing forward and take over driving. Could you see a self-driving Miata? I don’t think so…

  • TS

    Where would the fun be if the thing drove itself?

  • I have always been philosophically against self-driving cars, but sometimes, the way most “drivers” today act on the road, I can start to get behind the idea of those idiots letting a couple cameras and a chip take them where they want to go and spare me the possibility of their car trying to occupy the physical space as mine.