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September 2015 Miata Meeting Minutes

When: September 3rd 2015

Where: Apizza Di Napoli, Aiken – A few (five) Miata’s enjoyed a drive first, the others met at the restaurant, ordered, and held the meeting.

Who: Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry and Rita Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, Bob and Pat Tarrant, Stacey Timmerman, Tom and Susan Varallo, and Dave and Sue Woomer.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1591.47 plus $90.00 in income from dues, for a total of $1681.47.

Old Business:
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags, or replacement name tags.
• Larry Garner has contact cards for the Miata club (hand these to people who have Miata’s but are not club members).

New Business:
• Thanks to Dennis Mason for coordinating this dinner.
• Thank you to Mike Dyer for taking over as Treasurer.
• John Nichols we wish you well and thank you for your service as treasurer. We hope you and Jackie return to and enjoy full health.
• We have a new member; Karl Splan, who is from Aiken and has a 2007 Copper Red Miata. Welcome Karl!
• Tom has asked to spend $263 to purchase club pins. A motion was initiated, seconded and carried to go ahead with the purchase.
• Tom also requested to spend $130 to purchase Miata Club logo stickers. A motion was initiated, seconded and carried to go ahead with the purchase.
• Jill Johnson got permission to bring one of the new 2016 Miata’s. It was ceramic silver/gray, with a “soft” top and a glass rear window that folds manually and locks into the down position. Beautiful leather seats. A GPS device mounted on the dash. Lots of engine under the hood. Thanks Jill for giving us a first look without a salesman present!

The following events have been planned or are anticipated:
• Sept 19th – Larry and Rita have planned breakfast at Steak and Shake on Belair Rd, South of I-20 (8 am).
• Oct 1st – Mike and Shirley have planned dinner at Tin Lizzy’s 2821 Washington Rd, Augusta (between Fairway Square shopping center and Kroger.
• Another Red Oak Manor Iron Chef competition will be held on 2 October. Please contact Tom Varallo if you would be interested in attending.
• There is a Cars & Coffee event held every first Saturday in the Carolina Pottery shopping center on Washington Rd. It’s from 8-11 am. Bring your car to show it off! Or come out to see the unusual cars. Next one is October 3rd.
• Oct 17th – Hal and Trudy will plan the breakfast.
• Boshears Fly In is October 16th & 17th
• Nov 5th we will hold the meeting at Gerald Jones Mazda (Jill Johnson has coordinated).
• Nov 21st – Tom will plan the breakfast
• Dec Christmas Party – We need recommendations and a volunteer to plan the Christmas Party.
• Dec 18th – Imperial Theater is doing a concert and ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ may be playing. There are still good tickets available if you are interested.

Thanks to all who volunteered to organize a dinner, breakfast, drive or other meeting. We appreciate it!

Which Way?

Oh what sights to behold,
when you’ve entered this road.
Which way do you go,
makes fast times or slow.
Choose one and be done,
you’re in a cone-undrum!


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Blinker Fluid

Have you rotated your spindles, checked your helium pressures, charged your flux capacitor or serviced your blinker fluid yet? No?!? Pick up a can of elbow grease on your way out, right next to the cross drilled brake lines. It’ll help when you inevitably change your muffler bearings.


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Service Interval:
Check every 1,753 KM or 39,370 inches driven, whichever comes first.
Fluid lifespan maximum 1002 blinks.
Service fluid after each hail storm or earthquake.
Does not work above 15,000ft elevation.

This Motor Vehicle Blinker Fluid exceeds US safety standards. Follow vehicle manufacture recommendations when adding blinker fluid. Store Blinker Fluid in original container.

Caution: Do not refill container, do not use for other liquids. Do not ingest Blinker Fluid, unless you are very, very thirsty.

10 Years Ago – September 2005

Master’s at the Gap 4

Date: Friday thru Sunday, Sept. 16, 17 & 18th
Time: 24 hours a day
Place: Western NC and Eastern TN
Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus and Denny Smith

When Donna and I got to the GA Welcome Center at 7:30AM, Denny Smith (taking a page from the Rudy book of timing) was there ahead of us. Even though I was sure this was the total Club participation, I felt obligated to wait until the advertised 8 o’clock before leaving.

Ditto waiting at Bobbi’s Coffee House on Fury’s Ferry Road.

Our two car caravan made good time on the trip up to Highlands for lunch at our usual spot, The Sportsman Café. In an attempt to find the Wayah Bald Road route up to Robbinsville, without John Haff to lead him, Brian turned off the 4 lane a mile or so too soon, but it worked out well because he did recognize the correct turn later on and Denny was none the wiser that he was nearly lost (until now that is.)

After a brief afternoon respite in our respective hotel rooms it was time to joust with the Dragon. Donna didn’t really want to go back out, so she sent Brian down to join Denny. Instead of both cars heading out, Brian offered Denny the choice of riding with him or driving with Brian as a passenger. He said he’d rather drive, that way Brian could give him pointers because he had never driven the gap before. Brian wasn’t too sure about giving pointers, but he did get to regale Denny with the history of the non-official gathering called the Miatas at the Gap. Denny took to the turns like a duck to water and the guys had a nice and mostly unimpeded run back and forth through the gap.

When they returned to Robbinsville, Donna joined them for dinner at a new BBQ place that took over the building where Popeye’s used to be. This is the second time the Bogarduses have eaten there, the food and service are pretty good, but for whatever reason it is not been crowded. The day’s clouds never really cleared so the group postponed the night drive/star gazing on the Cherhola until Saturday.

Saturday dawned damp and foggy, but undaunted our crew headed into the gap. We stopped first at the Crossroads of Time for a little shopping. With purchases stowed in the trunk, we were off. The run was at a slightly reduced speed due to the wet roads and we managed to get about 8 miles, out of eleven, before we were slowed to a crawl by a Honda Accord. I signaled Denny to pull in at the dam overlook so we could wait and give the car a head start. Wouldn’t you know it, the Accord pulled in as well. When they stopped it became apparent why they were going so slow, a mom ran to the back door to comfort her young son who was busy getting car sick into his own lap. Ewwww.

After spending the rest of the morning driving the back roads of rural Tennessee, lunch was at the usual spot, now named The Bistro, in Tellico Plains just before the Cherhola Skyway. After eating, for at least the 3rd time at the same place, Brian vowed to find a different lunch spot as the service and food there didn’t warrant the high cost.
We returned to Robbinsville via a leisurely drive on the Skyway, even stopping a couple of times to admire the view and take in the cool air. Towards North Carolina the omnipresent low clouds started to break up giving us glimpses of blue sky.

After some needed down time during the afternoon, we regrouped early evening for Saturday’s dinner. We drove down to the Nantahala Outdoor Center and dined at the River’s End restaurant. Now this was more like it. Even though we tried to order something small off the menu it came out in big portions for less money than lunch.

The nighttime drive for Saturday, like Friday’s, was called off. Even though the sky was clear in the afternoon, that was not the case after sundown. The full moon was gorgeous as it rose in the night sky, but it completely disappeared behind the clouds when it got 30 degrees above the horizon. Sigh.

Sunday’s trip home was the reverse of the drive up. Hwy 28 through NC, GA & SC is about as much fun as Deal’s Gap, but it goes on longer.

Money Into Noise

What’s the best way to become a millionaire while racing cars?
Start off a billionaire!
LOLOL, worth it.


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