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Mr. Clutch

Always performs under extreme pressure. Ready to make the grab at any moment. Responds immediately and never hesitates. A key player in the driving game. With this dude by your side, guaranteed to be #winning.


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Disc Collection

Sure they’re a little old and a bit worn out, but well, how could you ever part with them? Call it memories, call it nostalgia, call it whatever you want I ain’t gettin’ rid of ’em

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2016 Miata Review & Road Test

Here’s a comprehensive review and road test of the 2016 Miata performed by the Grassroots Motorsports and Tire Rack.com folks – very impressive!

2016 Miata-12016 Miata-2 2016 Miata-3 2016 Miata-4 2016 Miata-5 2016 Miata-6 2016 Miata-7

10 Years Ago – August 2005

Bug Splat

Date: Saturday, August 20th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Evergreen Buffet
Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, John Bowles & Mary, Kurt Breitinger, Ron & Chris Kaufman, Rudy Wilmoth & Patti Letizia and Dave Winkler and Jim Truitt

After a leisurely meal at the Chinese buffet it was time for the real fun to begin.

The very hot day had turned into a very warm evening as drivers and passengers gathered in the parking lot outside the restaurant. Brian cleaned off the noses of all the cars so everyone started out on a level playing field. A green dot was placed on the nose of each car in the driver’s choice of location. Maps were handed out, but seeing as it was a new route Brian and Donna agreed to lead the group, so no one would get lost in the wilds of Aiken County.

There were thousands of tiny white ghost bugs out, but not too many BIG bugs, so everybody seemed to be in the running for the Most Bugs prize. After counting each and every spot on all the cars the judges determined that the Kaufman’s had the most insect impacts winning the Most Bugs category. Or maybe it was because they have a black car and it made the white dots show up better. Rudy and Patti wound up with the Cleanest Car Award and some will tell you it was because they were the last car in line, but I think they were dodging bugs back there. John and Mary managed to get a bug remnant with in 5cm of the green dot capturing the Closest to the Spot prize. Kurt won the coveted Biggest Bug trophy by virtue of a half dollar sized splat of yellowish goo near the mouth of his car. Instead of the usual cheap plastic insects from the Dollar Tree, this year we actually had good prizes to give out thanks to Mazda. Each winner got their choice of a poster, hat, t-shirt, travel mug or insulated lunch bag with zoom-zoom on them.

The evening was rounded out by some arm chair bug smashing inside the Sweet Cow Creamery and eating some ice cream.

Is this proof of a PRHT coming on the ND?


The manual for the ND is on the above link. On page 6-56 there are fuse-spaces for a RHT R and RHT L – the PRHT outside of the US is called RHT.

I sent the link to Jill Johnson, so she can be ready when her car arrives.