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Dead Bugs

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2015
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Greg’s Gas Plus
Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Larry & Rita Garner, Jill & Alan Johnson, Trudy & Hal Scott, Karol & Dennis Mason and guest Jamie S___________i.

Less than half of last year’s total of 13 cars showed up for this years edition of the Bug Splat run. And it would have been even less if not for the fact we had a Miata owner up this way on a business trip who happened to check the web site. Was the number of participants low because of the past few years lack of actual bugs or the slightly later start time. I’m betting it was really the fact that there wasn’t a meal preceding the drive. The larger turn outs previously were because some people have come just for the eating part and only joined me on the drive so as to not appear impolite all the while hoping against hope not to win the so ugly it’s beautiful ginormous trophy….

This years later start time and more rural, easier to run loop did produce more bugs, but only slightly more. There were still thousands of little white puff marks of really small insects covering the fronts of the cars, but this time there were a few interesting splats and a few actual recognizable bug remains.

Taking home the BBT (Biggest Bug Trophy) were the Masons with what appeared to be a 1/2 long bug of some kind neatly caught in the seam between of the bottom of the nose of the their car and the Garage Vary Front Lip Spoiler.1 I awarded myself and Donna the most bugs (probably helped I was in front of the caravan), Hal & Trudy snagged the cleanest car award, while closest to the dot went to our guest from the Tampa area, Jamie S___________i.2

As to not lower the self esteem of anyone who didn’t win a “real” prize, I handed out a 2″ to 3″ plastic replica of an insect of no known actual species, lovingly hand decorated in a far eastern country using lead based paint to everyone who came out, so no one went home without something. I even gave one out to each of the two folks who showed up at the end, just to eat ice cream. John & Jackie Nichols got one and so too did ex-member Ernie Bloom, who of all the Sonics in all the towns in the CSRA, stopped at this one.

1. There was some grumbling by the un-lip spoilered that that might have given the Masons an advantage. Judges disallowed the protest under Rule #34b: Any permanently attached body modification, that has been specifically designed for a Miata, is deemed acceptable in the counting of bugs and the spats of their demise.

2. I asked Jamie his last name at both the beginning and end of the event. At the Sonic, not sure if I heard right, I asked for a spelling and he just shrugged and said don’t worry about. His vague story of work in the area seemed suspicious too. A couple people asked him about it and got the same answer: “The company I work for sent me up here to help a company in Edgefield do some testing. Whatever your story, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed the little plastic, safe for ages 8 and up, dart board. I also hope you remember to remove the green Avery dot from the front of your car.

5 comments to Dead Bugs

  • Rita

    Had a great time! Can’t wait to see the Mason’s Christmas card this year. Also the cats enjoyed the lovely hand made prize we got. I noticed a few legs missing and had second thoughts about them playing with it. You know that lead based pair and all.

    Thanks for coordinating the event. Looking forward to next year!

  • Kurt Breitinger

    Sorry to see the low turnout. I had some severe back spasms and was laid up all weekend. Congrats to the Masons!

  • trudy

    Brian woke up the cute little yellow moth who was sleeping on the hood of our car. When it flew away, our dreams of that ginormous trophy flew away with it!
    Fun night drive!

  • Johnsons

    Thanks for coordinating a fun evening Brian!

  • Karol Mason

    WE had a great time too!! I know we’ll get some questions about that beautiful trophy!! 🙂