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Just a big family saloon? Nahh, it’s waaay more than that. She’s your daily, your grocery getter, your child picker-upper…. your racecar in disguise. Most of all, the car of your dream5.


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Race In The Now

Getting out there is half the battle. Yeah it’s easier to sit on the couch and tune into the show, but with a little wrench turning, a few late nights and a couple cases ‘a beer, it’s all worth it the when you dive into that first apex.


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United Snakes

There’s no dodging this snake. These 10 fangs of freedom ring fear in more hearts than this great country’s national anthem. Best be well vetted before attempted to catch this predator.
And there’s a new one coming soon!

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Breakfast at Betsy’s Wrap Up

Donna and I arrived at Greg’s Gas Plus about 15 minutes early, so we would be there before anyone else. We were, but for too long as Hal and Trudy Scott joined us. We chatted for awhile about the usual stuff while we waited for other Miatas to arrive, but mostly marveled at the shear amount of traffic that stopped at Greg’s and 90% of it was pick up trucks. The mix was 50/50 with lawn care trailers headed south to the lawns of the cities and boat trailers headed north to Clarks Hill Lake.

At one point the lot was so full that a truck hauling a boat stopped directly in front of us. The passenger disembarked and headed into the store for ice, a rest room break or maybe just a cup of coffee. The driver came out and called to us, “You guys don’t need to go anywhere in the next 5 minutes do you?” So I asked, “What time is it?” He dug into his pocket, pulled out his phone, unlocked it, pulled up an app and said, “Seven thirty-seven.” “Actually, we probably should be gone already,” I said, “But you don’t have to move, we’re small and can get around you.” He got back in his truck and by the time I finished a quick Drivers Meeting1 and the four of us got in our cars, he was fully out of our way, so we drove off with a wave.

We arrived at Betsy’s about 10-15 minutes later than advertised and there were three Miatas already parked outside. Inside we found John & Pat Clark, Rita & Larry Garner and Tom Varallo at a table with enough empty seats for the 4 of us plus a walk-in2. The nine of us ordered our food and in typical Miata Club fashion one plate was slightly late, one plate needed to be returned for fixing and a couple of dishes weren’t piping hot.

Counting today’s group we had a total of 14 people for Breakfast at Betsy’s if you count the 5 members who ate there last week too after I published the detail’s of this month’s breakfast on the front page of the web site without the date in the post.

All and all, Betsy’s is a splendid spot for breakfast in Aiken on a Saturday morning3, the food is good and the prices are not that expensive.

1 I handed Trudy a map she didn’t need and told them, “Follow me.”
2 No one did.
3 The only day they are open for breakfast.

Pet Snail

He’s so angry — and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Careful when you wake him, he’ll jump right out with a whoosh and a psssssstttt and bite ya if you’re not ready.


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