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Element 82

Spinning tires off of every corner, smoke pouring off the rears! Yeah, you know the type. Every traffic light is drag strip Christmas tree to you. You’ve got a heavy foot, what can you say? Sucker is made of Pb!


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Little Bastard

James Dean’s lil cursed car. Sinister stripes, tartan seats, the devil’s soul, the 550 might be infamous for a driving “incident” but being racey makes it more famous.


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It’s Tricky

88 is my desire.
That’s miles per hour.
To hit, the mark,
And wait, for sparks!
Now y’all in 80’s attire!


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Driving Matters

Alternate Title: Zoom-Zoom

The Three Rs

Reduce the weight of your wallet.

Reuse that pile of what you thought were scrap parts.

Recycle that feeling a lap before the crash, when you were driving like mad and lovin’ life!


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