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Even lighter weight than a lightweight. More horse power than power from horses. More force than there is down. Shave your head and skip the deodorant today, can’t afford the weight.


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The Screaming Chickens

With an astounding average of 13.9 points per quarter, we don’t have time to introduce all ~290 power-horse players on this team but pulling Super Duty is the 455in tall star player Rochester Exdee! Lets hear your heads and hoods shakin’ for them; The SCCCCCCREAMIN’ Chickensssss!


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Road Scholar

That pocket protector and slide rule aren’t gonna win over too many at the school dance, but if it’s gonna gain me two seconds, sign me up for class!


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Hi-Resolution 2016 MX-5 Photos and Logo Question


Take a look at the link below for about 180 great detailed views of the interior, exterior, and engine.

2016 MX-5 Photos

I know this has been hashed out before, so sorry for trying to flog a dead horse (again), but…

There are now two generations of Miatas beyond what’s on our logo. Is there an interest in a new design?



Here’s a link to some other club logos.

Miata Club Logo Survey

Full Monte

Stripped down and proper, these miniature racers showed up some of the high hp big dogs. Going the full distance of the Monte over snow, gravel, rain-slicked tarmac and treacherous mountain roads without dying was a large feat itself. Winning, woah.


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