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The Blobeye

Attack of the cone killing, scooping-nostril-flared monster! Run!!! You can try running away thru the woods on dirt, gravel, mud, snow or you name it, but good luck ’cause this thing ain’t stopping. Might as well just give up… or get in.


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5 February Dinner meeting

Sorry I am so late with these minutes!!

When: February 5th 2015

Where: BBQ Barn in North Augusta – We met at the restaurant, ordered our food, ate, and then had a short meeting.

Who: David Adcock, Kurt Breitinger, Miller and Gail Butler, David Eastman, Larry and Rita Garner, Alan and Jill Johnson, Dennis and Karol Mason, John and Jackie Nicholls, Hal and Trudy Scott, Tom Varallo and Rudy and Patty Wilmoth.

Treasurer’s Report: No Activity, balance carried over: $1281.47.

Old Business:
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags.
• Larry Garner has more cards to tuck under windshield wipers or handout to prospective members.

New Business:
• Thanks to Tom Varallo for coordinating this dinner. The food was good and they had a nice big room for us all even though we didn’t all sit at one table.
• We were glad to see John and Jackie attend tonight.
• There is a Cars & Coffee event held every 1st Saturday at the Sunrise Grill in Augusta on Washington Rd. (in the Carolina Pottery shopping center). It’s from 8-11 am. Bring your car to show it off!

The following events have been planned or are anticipated:
• February 21st breakfast – Drive planned before, meet at Greg’s Gas Plus at Exit 1 S.C. at 0830. Please RSVP so we have a count to give to the restaurant. Breakfast at Auten’s in Aiken.
• March 5th dinner – Dinner at Best Bites Mediterranean on Columbia Road in Martinez.
• March 7th – Cars & Coffee (info above)
• March 14th – All you can eat pancakes with the Optimist Club and drive.
• March 26-28 – Miata’s at Myrtle Beach, everyone will be staying at the Sea Mist Resort. We had a good time last year. Drives, tours, games and prizes. Rain or shine (they use the covered parking garage)
• April 4th – Tech Day at Kurt Breitinger’s house in Spring Lakes.
• April 4th is also Cars & Coffee
• April 18th breakfast – open
• May 2nd dinner – open

Kurt Breitinger brought his race schedule:
Mar 21-22nd Major Race, Qualifications for Road Atlanta in Braselton GA.
Mar 27-28th Carolina Motorsports Park, 10.00 per person (Kurt says it’s not a good track for spectators)
April 25-26th Roebling Roads, Savannah GA (Not a spectator track)

If you have a good idea for a drive or place to go, please bring it to a meeting and we can put it on the calendar.

Just in Time For Valentine’s Day, ‘N.D.’ Perfume Announced


“N.D.” is an exclusive new scent for Mazda enthusiasts, announced just in time for Valentine’s Day. Intended to be worn by drivers seeking exhilaration, N.D. is lighter and more refined than rival fragrances, not to mention more affordable.

“N.D. isn’t about raw power or getting attention,” says Bob Cockerham, the developer of the custom fragrance. “It’s kind of like the fragrance 987, except it’s more challenging to wear competently, and it doesn’t make you seem like you’re that lonely person trying really hard to impress everyone at the local 24 hour gym.”

Constructed with revolutionary SMELLACTIV technology, N.D. features 155 unique scents packed into a perfectly balanced 2.0L bottle. Each bottle of N.D. includes a removable top feature, which transforms the fragrance from a quiet and personal experience to a visceral journey the whole world can enjoy.

“N.D. is like a lot of other things in life,” says Cockerham. “It’s more fun on your local race track, and when that top comes off you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.”

The new N.D. perfume will be available later this year at a starting price of $24,970, which is a veritable bargain considering each bottle of perfume will include a free 2016 Mazda MX-5.

“N.D. isn’t about ostentatious displays of wealth or making up for personal physical inadequacies,” explains Cockerham. “It’s about enjoying a pure driving experience.”

See RealMazdaParts.com for details.

Good Eats

Welcome to the 7 Bar & Grill! Step up into our unlimited open air seating, table for 4? Try our famous 4×4 rocky mountain burger, 4 meats x 4 cheeses! No napkins used here, we’ve got drain plugs to wash the interior out when we’re done. But remember: no shoes, no stilts, no service!


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Rita Hayworth’s Cadillac Ghia is Quintessential Los Angeles

The story of this 1953 Cadillac couldn’t possibly be a more quintessentially Los Angeles story than it already is. In the early 1950s, international playboy and south-Asian royalty Aly Khan purchased this Ghia-bodied Cadillac in an attempt to recapture actress Rita Hayworth’s attention. They had been married for a few years, but their relationship was ending and according to legend, this was his last gasp attempt to save their love.

It didn’t work, they split up permanently, but Hayworth did keep the car.