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parts needed!

I have a 1992 automatic Miata that blew the front ujoint.

I need a driveshaft and the tranny tailhousing, or a whole auto tranny.

You can reach me at djmartins on gmail, my MIata was my daily driver and I need her on the road.

Panic Motorsports doesn’t have anything for autos….

8 comments to parts needed!

  • john haff

    You can try Mazmart in Atlanta, The Parts Group, and Planet Miata. All three of these sites specializing in used Miata parts.The automatic transmission was not a popular option.

  • John beat me to it, but you are going to have to call and ask, most of these places’ inventory turns over so quickly that their web page list of available stuff is notoriously behind their actual inventory.

  • Douglas Martins

    doing a auto to manual conversion due to the lack of availability of auto parts….

  • john haff

    I would give Steve a call at Panic Motorsports he can tell you what parts are needed and a $$ estimate for parts and labor. He does have a really nice red 2006 at his shop for sale.There was a NA Miata at Pull A Part in Augusta that may have the parts you need.I have a engine hoist if you are doing the swap yourself.

  • Douglas Martins

    John, I really appreciate the offer of help but I have the equipment and learned what parts I need.
    I have one more trip to the Pull a Part to get the rest I need off that red NA.
    The rest of the parts (clutch kit, rubber clutch hose, shifter boot) I can easily get except for the flywheel bolts, am searching for those now.
    Gonna take me awhile with my health, but I have a large garage to do it in.

  • Douglas Martins

    Broke a bolt on the PPF and couldn’t get it off, anyone have one of those?
    I need the common NA one for a manual tranny….

  • john haff

    Call Panic he has a few wrecks behind his shop.

  • Tom Varallo

    Sorry for getting in late on this, but just read the posts. I don’t recognize the PPF acronym but I’m in Columbia every Friday morning and can stop by Steve’s place to pick up anything he has that you need. Just let Steve know what you want, and let me know if I need to take my suburban or if it will fit in my Miata trunk. I also have a mahogany mica 2000 SE for sale if you want a “spare” 🙂 TomVarallo@gmail.com 803-640-2406