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Why We Should Savor Sports Cars Like the Miata

From an article in Automobile Magazine:

All this makes for a very tactile car in an age in which most new models are designed to shut out anything that distracts from safely operating your infotainment system. Even many modern sports cars let you choose your damper settings, and turn on or off a piped-in exhaust note. The Miata has just one suspension settting; sport.

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5 comments to Why We Should Savor Sports Cars Like the Miata

  • David


    “The question is, how long will it be before the Miata and FR-S/BRZ and Boxster/Cayman give in to market demand for soul-sapping gizmos, or are forced to meet government mandates that inch us toward full autonomy?”

    You can already ruin a Boxster or a Cayman with distracting “options,” but fortunately, they are still just a choice. It’s difficult to fight the tyranny of the market-driven majority. Thank you Mazda for giving us a thoughtful alternative for the last 25 years.

    I can’t help but think stuff like this has to do with people’s growing interest in classic cars.

  • soul-sapping gizmos

    To listen to a lot of the folks over on the Miata Net forum, Mazda has already given in to this with the addition of the “large” corporate infotainment screen in the center of the dash.

  • David

    I’ll gladly suspend judgement until I drive one. Hopefully, the MX-5 will be like the 3s and you can avoid the big screen option. Aside from totally missing the point about being engaged in the driving experience, it’s just ugly.

  • Rumor has it that the lower trim model Miata will get a shorter one without the video screen, but that is probably temporary as the back up camera becomes mandatory in 2018….

    But maybe by then the aftermarket will come out with a blank plate over the top of a hidden amp that excepts blue tooth inputs and inductively charges your smart phone.

  • Douglas Martins

    Brian, I agree. My attraction to the Miata is it’s simplicity.