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Mr. K

Giving props to the pops of the Z, Yutaka Katayama.

Net proceeds will be donated to Mr K’s favorite charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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C’est La V8

Burbly grumbly cold morning starts? Accidental burnouts at green lights? Achieve highway speed halfway through the on-ramp? Ahh, C’est La V8. That’s the V8 life.


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parts needed!

I have a 1992 automatic Miata that blew the front ujoint.

I need a driveshaft and the tranny tailhousing, or a whole auto tranny.

You can reach me at djmartins on gmail, my MIata was my daily driver and I need her on the road.

Panic Motorsports doesn’t have anything for autos….


Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na. Na Na Naaaaaaaa, Naa Na Naaaaaaa! Na mi at ahhhhhh, na na mi at ahhhhh!


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Why We Should Savor Sports Cars Like the Miata

From an article in Automobile Magazine:

All this makes for a very tactile car in an age in which most new models are designed to shut out anything that distracts from safely operating your infotainment system. Even many modern sports cars let you choose your damper settings, and turn on or off a piped-in exhaust note. The Miata has just one suspension settting; sport.

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