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Rowin’ the ol’ 5 iron. Feedback flying through your wrists. No mulligans required. Life is right on par. Just don’t double bogey that bad boy into the sand pit.


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Big puff of smoke. Funny noises from the engine. Things feel kinda warm. That can’t be good.
Kablammo! That’s it boys, your day is done.
Game over.


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January Meeting

Sorry for taking so long to post this; hard to find a place with a room to use and a good location for all.

Our next meeting, and for planning the first half of 2015, will be at the Ming Yat (no cat jokes please) Restaurant located at 434 Georgia Avenue, North Augusta, SC. No web-site; they are sit-down order from the menu, with a large variety to choose from. Tell them at the front desk you’re with the Miata Club. There’s plenty of parking too. Bring a calendar and your idea’s for meeting/eating places, and/or drive-trips you’d like to see us do. Keep in mind that the meeting places don’t have to be fancy, just have enough room to gather. If you can’t make the meeting, pass along your idea’s via email, I’ll share them and add to the calendar.

The weather is forecast to be much colder than we’ve had lately, so bundle up and join us.

WTF Mate?!

Randomness! Yay!!! What’s included in a WTF Pack?

A totally random tee
A random pair of awesome socks
Two stickers, decals or keychains, chosen at… you guessed it, random!

Limited quantities. No backsies or exchanges


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