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Six Star General

Parking lot basic training has been completed. It’s time for the real deal. The call has come down from the six star general. Special stage calls for special ops. Ready the troops to go rally!


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A Little Bit of Gay Paree in Ess Cee

Sixteen people in seven Miatas and a couple of Chyrysler products converged on Wrap Em Up Crêpes & Cafe in North Augusta to sample a staple of France. This the place to be if you like light thin pancakes filled with such things as fruit & cream cheese, while covered with powered sugar & whipped cream. They also do savory crepes filled with meat and vegetables and some egg & sausage/bacon ones for breakfast.

After lounging around drinking copious refills of coffee, we finally ran out of conversation and excuses not to go back outside into the chilly morning air. The two OTMs went home leaving seven Miatas (almost all with the top down) to take a loop drive into the hinterlands of western South Carolina where the fading fall colors still looked pretty good in the bright sunshine.

Meeting Minutes for 6 November

When: November 6th 2014

Where: Villa Europa in Augusta – We met at the restaurant, ordered our food and then had a quick meeting.

Who: David Adcock, Kurt Breitinger, John Clark, Mike and Shirley Dyer, David and Devona Eastman, Larry and Rita Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, Hal and Trudy Scott, Tom Varallo and a new couple Christopher and Donna Hoops.

Treasurer’s Report: John Nicholls (treasurer) not present, no report; Balance carried over: $1281.47.

Old Business:
• Thanks to Tom Varallo for coordinating the breakfast at Red Oak Manor and the tour of the Oliver Hardy Museum and Fine Mess Old Car Museum!
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags.
• Larry Garner has more cards to handout to prospective members.
• Looks like it was a good call on not doing the Leaf Peep since the weather was so bad – turns out they got about 22” of snow!

New Business:
• Thanks to Larry & Rita for planning tonight’s dinner!
• New members Chris & Donna Hoops were present. They have an ’04 Mazda Speed and a ’96 Mazda that has a blown head gasket – they could use some help with repairs or recommendations.
• Ernie has sold his Miata and bought a BMW and is no longer a member. We’ll miss him.

Upcoming Events:
• 15 November – John and Jackie Nicholls have planned a Breakfast at Wrap Em Up Crepes and Café in North Augusta. Optional drive afterwards. More info on the website.
• Christmas Party – Date: First Friday (December 5th) at Casa Bella in Aiken.

We have nothing planned for January and are hoping someone who hasn’t coordinated before will plan something for us. We’re open to all kinds of ideas!

We’ll have a planning meeting for events in 2015 sometime in January – to be announced.

We’ll have a new officers selection meeting sometime in June.


Your 328i may not yet be a full blown GT racecar, but adding that short shift kit gets you one step closer. Monday morning’s 5 minute long red light is a chance to daydream of the 180mph high banks of Daytona! Every mod is a life enhancement with daily rewards.


Buy One!

P.S. FTW = For The Win

2015 – 25th Anniversary MX-5

For those of you that might be interested, Hyman Brothers Mazda in Newport News, VA actually has a brand new one for sale. Given the extremely limited numbers, I think most of us figured they were all spoken for in pre-orders.

Link to dealer’s web site

Link to the car on the dealer’s web site