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Maths II

You’re in engineering school and the answer to your calc 2 homework is always NA, NB or NC. Ahh, math ain’t so hard after all.


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Black Flag Friday

Black Flag Friday

The good news for you is that team blipshift has been called into the pits for Black Flag Friday and we’re working all holiday weekend to bring back 20 restomodded & brand spankin’ new designs! This Shirtload Of Shirts will be released on Turkey Day, November 27 @ 10PM EST and will be locked back in the storage shed Monday night, December 1 @ 10PM EST. That’s 96 hours of shirt slinging mayhem!

You might find one of those Miata related designs back in print. Just in time for Christmas.

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Every time you see one stroll by, you turn and stare. Damn she looks gooooooooooood. Look’a that tail waggin’, mmhmm hang it out!


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Your friends may have no idea what you’re on about as you scream at the TV “Not there you idiot! Don’t pass there, you’ll have no grip for the next 2 corners! AAAARRRRRGGGG!!” Cue heart attack. But that’s fine. You and Mr. Hobbs know what’s going on. You’re a superfan and you see so much more happening in every race than those fair weather fans.


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Long Live The Roadster