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Breakfast at Red Oak Manor

Where: Steak ‘n Shake in Augusta – map

Let’s meet at the Steak ‘n Shake on Belair Frontage Road at 0845, and plan to leave @ 0900. Should take 20-25 minutes to get to Harlem via Belair Frontage Road – Park West Drive – Old Wheeler Road – Wrightsboro Road – Harlem Grovetown Road.

Red Oak Manor is a cool Bed & Breakfast with very friendly folks and good old country breakfast. If you have any old coffee mugs you don’t want any longer, consider bringing it (them?) to Red Oak – they will gladly accept your donation and serve future customers with it.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday the 18th at 0845.

Tom Varallo

First Responder

When you see its flashy face behind you, you should probably give it a point by. Following too closely may lead to a severe accident. Vehicle regularly races from point to point.


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Carpool Tunnel Syndrome

Don’t play an instrument? Yeah you do. You just need a covered roadway for ’bout a 100 yards. Pack your crew in, roll the windows down, point in the direction of the bright light ahead… downshift! Work that right foot and make some music. You can play this tune all day long!


Buy One!

October 2nd Meeting Minutes

When: October 2nd 2014

Where: JB Buffet in North Augusta – We met at the restaurant, picked our food from the buffet and then had a quick meeting.

Who: David Adcock, Kurt Breitinger, Orlando and Sandy Carlo, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry and Rita Garner, Linda and Mark Hoelper, Alan and Jill Johnson, Dennis and Karol Mason, Tom Varallo, and Evelyn and Richard Whitehurst.

Treasurer’s Report: John Nicholls (treasurer) not present but sent the report; Beginning Balance: $1,166.47 added $320.00 in dues and magnet sales, minus $205 in expenses leaves an ending balance of $1281.47.

Old Business:
• Thanks to John Haff and Brian Borgardus for coordinating the drive and day at Panic Motorsports! Great place for breakfast, fun drive with 10 Miata’s plus 2 support vehicles, great day!
• New members please see Dennis Mason for name tags.
• Larry Garner has more cards to handout to prospective members.

New Business:
• Thanks to John and Jackie Nicholls for planning tonight’s dinner!
• Larry has looked in to ordering window clings, turns out they are pretty darn expensive now vs. when Brian ordered them. A decision may be made to order more magnets.
• A little more info on the new Miata has been released, it will have a 1.4 turbo engine, plus there was a little more released on the new motor. Mazda will release more info at future motor shows.
• We have 3 new members: Al Shure who has a Red ’91; Christopher and Donna Hoops who have a White ’96 and a Gray ’04; and Douglas and Bee Martins who have a ’91 and a ’97.  Al Shure and the Hoops were not in attendance but Douglas Martins was tonight.

Upcoming Events:
• 18 October – Breakfast and Scavenger Hunt. Dave Winkler, if you’re still planning on this please contact Brian or Larry so we can confirm.
• 1 November – Leaf Peeping, 10-12 hour drive to see the fall colors. Meet at Cracker Barrel off Exit 194 at I-20 at 7:00 am or meet up a little later before we begin the drive. More info on that on the website.
• Christmas Party – Date: First Friday (December 5th) at Casa Bella in Aiken. Thank you Shirley Dyer for coordinating!

Dates that are open and need coordinators: 6 November meeting and 15 November breakfast.

10 Years Ago – October 2004

Rspeed Open House

Date: Sunday, October 10, 2004
Time: Early
Place: Marietta, GA
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Carol & John Haff Jackie & John Nicholls and Rudy Wilmoth
Guests Attending: Patti Letizia and Mark & Sue Seiler

New York is the Big Apple, Atlanta likes to call itself the Big Peach and I guess it might be an apt description, because today we sampled some of the sweat succulent fruit, but also ran smack into the hard pit.

Rspeed, the best Miata related business in the world, held their 5th Annual Open House. For whatever reason it seemed less organized, in spite of more volunteers helping. It also seemed like there were less people in attendance. Both Donna and I agreed that this year’s festival was less exciting than last, but it is always so cool to see all those customized Miatas jammed into the small lot in front of their building. We got to Rspeed a few minutes after 10 and the lot was already filling up. We hung around, oogled the cars, poked around in the showroom and checked out the bargain tents. We hung around some more. By 12:30 the free lunch hadn’t shown up, so we bailed and headed over to the Mall of Georgia for lunch and women type shopping.