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I know I’m really late posting this, but…..

I just wanted to say I’m sorry I didn’t post anything about the August dinner at Gail and Millers home and then the riverboat ride on the Savannah afterwards.

First of all thank you Gail and Miller for having us all to dinner!   You have a beautiful home in such a nice location.  I truly enjoyed the fellowship in such gorgeous surroundings!

Then I must say “What a nice ride on the river!”.  It was such a nice evening for it.  It was really enjoyable to have the Captain tell us so much about Augusta/the Savannah River history.  I’m now recommending this boat ride to everyone.  Since then Dennis and I have gone back to check out Hammonds Ferry, taken a walk on the North Augusta Greeneway, and taken a drive along the South Carolina side to try to find some of those big houses we saw from the river.  (Think we did find most of them)

When we went for a walk on the North Augusta Greeneway, and discovered the Brick Pond Park.  What a nice park!  We saw some nice wildlife (including an alligator).  We also tried to discover how far North the bicycle trail goes.  We got as far as the bridge over Martintown Road.  But I’ve come to think that path ties in to the path that goes under I-20 that’s between Martintown Road and Edgefield Rd.  We’ll have to ride it sometime to find out for sure.  We definitely plan to go back to Hammonds Ferry to try out Manuel’s Bread Cafe.  The French Onion soup sounds good.


September 4th Meeting Minutes

Where: Harbor Inn – We met at the restaurant, ordered our food and then had a quick meeting.

Who: David Adcock, Kurt and Karen Breitinger, Sandy and Orlando Carlo, Larry and Rita Garner, Mike and Shirley Dyer, John Haff , Alan and Jill Johnson, Dennis and Karol Mason, Richard and Evelyn Whitehurst, and Dave and Sue Woomer.

Treasurer’s Report: John Nicholls (treasurer) not present, ending balance carried over from last month: $1,166.47.

Old Business:
• Thanks to Brian and Donna Bogardus for coordinating the Bug Splat.
• Dennis has made name tags for everyone if you have not received yours yet please see him at the next meeting you attend.
• Thanks to John and Jackie for ordering the car magnets.
• Larry Garner has more cards to handout to prospective members.

New Business:
• Thanks to Rita for planning tonight’s dinner!
• Please remember to pay your dues if you have not yet done so.
• Jackie Nicholls is home and doing well.
• Larry is looking in to ordering window clings.
• The new Miata has been released, have you looked at the new design?

Upcoming Events:
• 20 September – Panic Motor Sports day in Columbia SC. More information posted on this site. We will meet in Aiken at 8:00 and do breakfast then drive the route to Panic (9:30-10:00ish). You can put your car on the dyna for $50. Brian will put out an e-mail.
• 2 October – Meeting open, anyone want to coordinate?
• 18 October – Breakfast and Scavenger Hunt.
• 1 November – Leaf Peeping, 10-12 hour drive to see the fall colors. More info on that soon too.
• Christmas Party – Date: First Friday (December 5th) at Casa Rose in Aiken. Thank you Shirley Dyer for coordinating!

Dates that are open and need coordinators: 2 October meeting, 6 November meeting and 6 November breakfast.

Panic Motorsports Visit

Location: Ridgecrest Coffee Bar – map

Gather at the Ridgecrest Coffee Bar, 2502 Wagener Rd (AKA SC302) near Owens Corning on the east side of Aiken for a morning beverage and a light breakfast if you’d like. They offer muffins, scones, biscuits and a breakfast panini. We will get on the road somewhere between 8:30 and 8:45 for the hour or so trip to Panic Motorsports.

Panic is your one stop shop for Spec Miata stuff, Miata racing prep, new and used parts and regular ol’ street bound Miata service. Come join us while gawking at brightly colored race Miatas while talking anything Miata related. Steve, the owner, has offered up to 3 dyno runs for those interested in seeing what their car can do for a mere $50 each.

After we have worn out our welcome, if anyone is interested, we may head into the 5 Points area of Columbia for lunch.

10 Years Ago – September 2004

Master’s at the Gap

Date: Friday, September 10 thru Sunday ,September 12, 2004
Time: 24 hours a day
Place: Robbinsville, NC
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Karen & Kurt Breitinger, Carol & John Haff.
Guests Attending: Mark & Sue Seiler.

Friday Morning
Good: A side stop on the way up outside Elberton, at Georgia’s Stonehenge.
Bad: Spray painted graffiti on a couple of the stones.

Friday Mid-day
Good: Lunch at Zanzos in Clarksville, GA. Great Italian food in an unexpected place.
Bad: Road construction in Clarksville, GA kicking up clouds of dust that settle on our cars as we ate lunch.

Friday Night
Good: Two clean runs through the gap, out and back. First time that has happened in 3 or 4 years and if we had gone home immediately afterwards the trip would have been worth it.
Bad: The mostly crummy meal served for dinner at The Sweet Magnolia Café in Robbinsville.

Saturday Early Morning
Good: Two nearly clean runs. About 8 miles out of a possible 11 before being temporarily slowed for some motorcycles. Similar result for the trip back.
Bad: The continental breakfast at the Microtel.

Saturday Mid-Day
Good: Carnitas at No Way Jose’s in Gatlingburg, TN.
Bad: The freakin’ traffic in Gatlingburg, TN.

Saturday Afternoon
Good: Coming back to Robbinsville through the gap, this time with a little more traffic, but sometimes it takes a slower drive through to appreciate the sights outside the yellow lines.

Saturday Evening
Good: A Cherohala Skyway scenic overlook with the slowly setting sun as a backdrop on our way to dinner in Townsend, TN.

Saturday Night
Good: That same Cherohala Skyway scenic overlook with the field of stars spread across the night sky with a background of the milky way overhead on the way back.
Bad: Driving 49.7 miles on the Cherohala Skyway to dinner in Townsend, TN (although to be fair this can also be listed as a highlight.)

Sunday Morning
Good: A nice lonely drive on the normally crowded Hwy 19/74 through the Nantahala Gorge on newly resurfaced asphalt.
Bad: A crowded drive with straight piped Harley cruisers and old folks on the way to church through Maggie Valley on Hwy 19/74.

Sunday Mid-day
Good: A meatloaf sandwich at Cracker Barrel.

Sunday Afternoon
Good: Home unscathed except for the layer of dirt, brake dust and insects on the car.
Bad: The drive home always seems so long…

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