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October Dinner Meeting

Where: Bj Country Buffet in North Augusta – map

Bj Country Buffet is located at 611E Martintown Rd. in North Augusta, SC. If you went to the March meeting in 2009, you have been here already before, only it was a Chinese Buffet then…

We have the room in back.
Looking forward to seeing Y’all!


Some Pictures from Saturday’s Breakfast and Drive to Panic Motorsports

Bwaaaan, na, na, naah…

Oooh, oooh, oooh, stint! Stint!

Vroom, bwaaaa, naaaaa, naaaa, vroom, vroom!



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Dat Sun

How that beautiful & fair lady silhouettes against dat rising sun, just beyond the skyline.

Of two hundred and forty sunrises, none would be better than deez.


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More Adventures that came from the Ride on the River

Yesterday Dennis and I did some bike riding along the Greeneway in North Augusta.

Turns out, as I suspected, that the Greeneway goes all the way to I-20.  I knew we had passed a parking lot along the North frontage road between Exit 1 and Exit 5 (SC side) on one of our Miata Club road trips.  Sure enough, Dennis and I parked at that spot, and rode our bikes under I-20 all the way down to the 15th street bridge and back.  It was a long ride (since I hadn’t ridden in a while) but fairly flat (don’t get me wrong there were some hills, but few) and mostly tree covered.

So once again we enjoyed another morning doing something we discovered as a result of the river boat ride on the Savannah River.

I want to thank Jackie Nicholls for organizing that Savannah River boat ride – especially since it was such a nice evening and a good time spent with the Miata club.  But also because Dennis and I have discovered many more things about Augusta and North Augusta as a direct result of that trip.   Thank you Jackie!