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Zip! Ties!

Have a stack of bs tees that only get a workout on the weekend? Going to one of those “fancy” jacket required weddings? Well, now you can live the Apex Everything lifestyle even when you’ve gotta don a monkey suit! These silky ties give you extra apexin’ power in a dapper 10% torso covering package.


(Buy One! While supplies last.)

Civic Duty

Why is he driving away?

Because son, he’s the hero the city deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll chase him, because he can take it. He’s not our hero. A silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Civic Knight.


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Blipshift T-Shirts

Over on the top of the right side column is something called T-Shirt Tuesday. Every Tuesday the fine folks at Blipshift.com offer up a new car related t-shirt for sale – FOR A LIMITED TIME! They are available for only three days and then they are no longer available.*

When they started doing this a couple years ago they started with just t-shirts once a week. As they have gotten going they have added a second day for sales (Friday with a different design) and have branched out by adding heavy duty Ts, long sleeve Ts and hoodies. They now also offer women’s Ts and tank tops, plus kid size Ts too.

But the drill is still the same, you only have 3 days to place an order or you miss out on that design.*

So far there have been 4 designs related to the Miata, two of which were on display during last Saturday’s Panic Motorsports trip. Rudy had on Maths and had I known Mr. Adcock was going to sport the Hey Einstein version, I might have avoided the fashion faux pax of showing up to the ball in the same shirt, by wearing my Go Spec Racer one.

*Occasionally a popular design gets reprinted (maybe in a different color) and once in a while they have a few extra of some shirts, possibly because of minimum order sizes, but if you see something you like, you should get one then because it may never come back.

Green Hell

Proper responses include the following:

Don’t mind if I do!
Wish I was there now!
Well, I will then!
Buy me the tickets and I’ll go right now!

Everyone wants to go to (the green) hell.


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Panic Motorsports Visit

Inside Panic Motorsports

Wow, I was going to write a little blurb and post some pictures, but David did a fine job with the pictures and Larry sent out an email with a nice wrap up of the day, so I got nothing other than a panoramic picture and a big thanks to the guys at Panic for a fun day. Oh, that, and the knowledge that my Miata has triple digit horsepower!