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The Uniform Vehicle Code states: Upon all roadways any vehicle proceeding at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall be driven in the right-hand lane then available for traffic. TL;DR: drive right or GTFO


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10 Years Ago – July 2004

Cruise In

Date: Saturday, July 3rd

When Rachel dreamed up this “special” Last Saturday Cruise In, she was counting on the fact that the City of Augusta wouldn’t shoot off their fireworks on the actual 4th because it was a Sunday. You can see most of the show from right in the Sno Cap’s parking lot. What’s that old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men?

Turns out the city went ahead and did it on Sunday. That and the fact that is was holiday weekend made the turn out very light. It was just 8 Miatas, a 65 Mustang, a current Crown Vic and a couple of rusty pick-ups.

We had some 50’s music playing in the background and snacked on all the cool munchies available at the “Cap.” Everyone who came filled out a door prize ticket and later on Rachel broke out the elementary school level 50 States and Presidents books. A name was drawn out of the jar and a question was asked. Amazing how many adults, me included, who couldn’t come up with the answers. Except Bonnie who knew it all. Unlike school, we got a prize even when we were wrong.

Pool Party

Date: Saturday, July 10th

We held our annual pool party at the Creer’s this afternoon, where we have done it every year for the last 5 or so. Because the Jim & Judy are pulling up stakes and moving to the Sunshine State soon, next year we will have to drive to Spring Hill, FL to have it at their house.

There were plenty of grilled brats and dogs to be eaten, along with the usual assortment of side summer type salads. Then there were a couple of delicious homemade desserts to finish off the meal.

We called it a pool party, but a majority of those who came didn’t go in the pool. Only Donna and I and the hostess floated and bobbed around a bit. It was a heck of a lot cooler in the water, than sitting around it, even if you were in the shade. Jim didn’t even get in the water. Too bad too, as usually he and I make fools of ourselves by having a big-splash contest off the diving board.

Jim did make a fool of himself in a slightly different manner. He climbed a couple of ladders up a couple of levels of his house to get to the top of the roof so he could take a group picture…


Date: Saturday, July 17th

The day dawned overcast and cloudy and it showed every promise of rain, but by 4:00 the rain had stayed away in buckets and it looked like it might hold off for a few more hours.

We gathered at the SNO-CAP to fortify ourselves with most all of the regulars: Bill & Bonnie, John & Carol, Ron & Chris, Dave & Bobbie, Stacey & Cindy, Rudy & Patty and of course the Rallymasters. After precisely 30 minutes of conviviality, all but the Haffs headed North for the first annual Running of the Rally Route.

Fortunately the Baughs had noticed the speed limit change on Martintown Road from 55 MPH to 50, so the drive was a little more leisurely than originally planned. At the pit stop some of the members noted that the official route had far fewer turns on it than the one they ran. An order-of-march adjustment and we were on our way to Wades Southern Suppers for Supper. Mild overcast and temperate temperature, good food, good friends, no contentious spouses, no emergency envelopes; what more can I say. – Submitted by John Nichols.

Patriot River Cruise

Saturday, August 9, 7PM
Riverwalk Marina
1 Fifth Street

A 2 hr. sunset boat trip up the Savannah River to the Rapids narrated by Captain Jim, who points out the history and homes of the rich and famous. Cost is $20 per person cash only, but parking is free, easy, and plentiful at the marina. Food and beverages of any kind are permitted on the boat and tables are available.
Details for a pre-cruise food event are still being worked on so watch the website for further info.
We will need to know how many are coming closer to the event.

The Slow

“What’s your best time?”
“I’ve never driven her..”
“Why not?”
“She scares the s#%! outta me.”


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