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Miata Unplugged

From Autoblog where on their Facebook Page they are celebrating Miata Month, but I’m a little late with this, as it was July…

Aging Well

Ahh, enter the 911. Everyone turns and steals a glance. All that plastic surgery, upgrades and bolt-ons, and by golly she barely looks a day over 30!


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July 2014 Meeting Minutes

When:  July 19th 2014

Where:  Drive and breakfast for the monthly meeting – Eight Miata’s met at Greg’s Gas Plus (SC exit 1) for a very nice drive through the winding roads of South Carolina to have breakfast at Runway Dog Café near the Aiken Airport (several folks met us there).  Runway Dog is a nice little Café/Frame shop/Home town gifts shop.  They were a little overwhelmed by the 21 of us but recovered nicely and served a delicious breakfast.  Question:  How many times did we cross I-20? And how many times did we go under versus over I-20?  Answers below.

Who:  Kurt Breitinger, Brian and Donna Bogardus, John Clark, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Larry and Rita Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, John and Jackie Nicholls, Hal and Trudy Scott, Cindy and Stacey Timmerman, Tom Varallo, Richard and Evelyn Whitehurst, and Dave Winkler.

 Treasurer’s Report:  1-30 June 2014, balance unchanged.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

  • Thanks to Brian and Donna Bogardus for planning today’s drive and breakfast!
  • New members Richard and Evelyn Whitehurst were introduced. They have a 2001 Miata.
  • Jackie Nicholls discussed the upcoming purchase of 7” Miata Magnets for the car, negotiations ongoing. The price will be between $17.50 and $18.00 for a pair.

Upcoming Events:

  • 7 August – Meeting at Bucca de Beppo. Room is reserved for 6:30. Bucca de Beppo is a family style restaurant where the entrée’s are meant to serve several. A small will feed 3 people. There are coupons available online. The restaurant is located at the Augusta Mall and it’s best to park by Macy’s.
  • 9 August – Will begin with a lunch at Gail and Miller Butler’s house and end with a Canal Cruise on the Augusta Canal scheduled for departure at 7:00pm for a sunset cruise. Meet at the River Walk Marina for the approximately 1½ hour cruise. $20.00 (cash only!) per person and bring your own beverages, yes, alcohol is allowed too. The club has decided we would like to have finger desserts as well, so bring a dessert that can be eaten with your hands to share.
  • 16 August – Bug splat. We will begin with dinner at Apizza di Napoli in Aiken at 6:00. That will be followed by a drive through the country to compete for biggest bug, most bugs etc. We will end at the Sonic in North Augusta to compare grills, and award the trophy.
  • 20 September – Panic Motor Sports day. More info soon.
  • 1 November – Leaf Peeping, 10-12 hour drive to see the fall colors. More info on that soon too.
  • Christmas Party – Date TBD, Shirley Dyer inadvertently but graciously volunteered. Thank you Shirley!

Dates that are open and need coordinators:  4 September meeting, 2 October meeting, 6 November meeting.

Other Miata Events:

  • 25-27 July – Miata’s at the Gap (Deal’s Gap).


Answers to above:  5 times, going over 3 times and under twice.

Tractor Races

Them there diesels really mow down the field! Torque on over, the circuit’s in town, 24 hours only! Located next to the Sarthe River! A common rail injection of fun for all ages!


Buy One!

Dinner on the Lake

10 Woodspring Court
North Augusta, SC
Ph: 803-279-4718

Before the river cruise come join us for food and socializing. For $5.00 a person we will supply everything except dessert. Just come and enjoy!

Do bring a finger friendly dessert for the boat trip. Nothing better than a leisurely ride on the water with a little sweetness added.

Please let us know by August 2 if you are attending or not.
Event Coordinators: Gail & Miller Butler 803-279-4718