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10 Years Ago – June 2004

Big Mo Drive In

Date: Saturday, June 26th

We had almost 20 Miatas crowded into the little lot outside Baynham’s Family Restaurant and inside there were a bunch of hungry people. The group was pretty much evenly divided between the Low Country club and ours.

After eating, we all climbed into our cars and drove up the road to Monetta to see the show at the Big Mo Drive-in. Even though we were way early, our long string of cars got in the shoulder of the road behind at least 8 or 9 early, early birds. When we finally got through the gates we snagged a good chunk of rows 2 & 3 near the concession stand for our 14 cars (we had shed a few cars who were not interested in the movies.) Show time wasn’t until 9 o-clockish, so we had a couple of hours to kill talking Miatas and/or standing in the concession line.

The 1st flick was “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Aardvark.” This is the third installment of the series and I wonder how many more they can make before the stars are like Shatner, et al in the last of the Star Trek movies. The second, which only a couple cars stayed for, was “Dodgeball”. Enough said.


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