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A Little Hyper-Aware

Jerry Seinfeld drives Sarah Jessica Parker to get some coffee in a 1976 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon.

1976 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon

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Zipdependence Day

As far back as 1776, our founding fathers used anything and everything to keep the world a turnin’. These days, we have one go-to tool to make sure our brake lines don’t get cut, bumpers stay on and we leave home with another sure fire W.


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Be Afraid

When you were little, you dared not even peek. Now that you’re all grown up, you purposely keep a monster under your bed… assuming your bed is over the garage!

Glows feebly in the dark. Energy from nearby thermonuclear detonation may enhance glow-age… and growth of third arm.


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June Meeting Minutes

When: 5 June 2014
Where: Meeting held at Antonio’s in North Augusta – Excellent food! Thanks to John and Jackie for arranging it! Inside the restaurant was a bit noisy and we didn’t want to disturb the other diners so after dinner we held the meeting in the parking lot out back.
Who: Ernie Bloom, Donald & Kay Boltz, Kurt Breitinger, Gail & Miller Butler, John Daudelin, Mike & Shirley Dyer, Larry Garner, John & Carol Haff, Mark Hoelper, Dennis & Karol Mason, John & Jackie Nicholls, Stacey Timmerman, Tom Varallo, Rudy & Patty Wilmoth, Dave Winkler, Sue & Dave Woomer.

Treasurer’s Report: May 1 – May 31 Balance on hand $937.92. Many paid their dues of $10.
Reminder to everyone that this year’s club dues are due.

Old Business:

  • Larry gave thanks for the great turnout for day at the Miata dealership and John Daudelin for putting it together. Larry thanked Dennis Mason for putting name tags together. Larry also presented a frame of several pictures of 50’s & 60’s Ferrari’s to Kurt Breitinger for his help and use of his garage for Tech Day.
  • Dave Winkler presented “#1 Mechanic Award” as a thank you gift to Rudy Wilmoth for helping him replace his timing belt during Tech Day at Kurt Breitinger’s house. The award included replacement parts and new tubes of lubricants Rudy had on hand that were necessary for the repair.
  • John Haff reminded everyone he has travel bags to borrow if anyone is planning a long trip and needs a waterproof bag that goes on top of the trunk for extra packing space.
  • Dennis Mason has a crank-shaft tool for 1994 and newer 1.8 & 2.0 engine model Miata’s if anyone wants to borrow.

New Business:

  • Officers elected:
    1. Larry Garner re-elected President
    2. Dennis Mason continues as VP
    3. Karol Mason elected as secretary with Rita Garner as Vice Secretary
    4. John Nicholls remains Treasurer
    5. Brian Bogardus remains ‘the Website Guy’

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

  • 21 June – Trenton Peach Parade. Everything is set; we just need cars and folks to start lining up at 9:30-9:40. Stacey is looking for a place for breakfast. Any ideas? Suggestions for Gary’s in Graniteville or Airport Diner. Stacey will make the decision, email to all and post to the website.
  • 3 July – The regular meeting will be postponed to the b’fast on the 19th, Brian and Donna will put together breakfast; look for the location posted soon.
  • 9 August – Jackie has proposed the Patriot Boat Tour on the Savannah River. Sunset cruise on Saturday night is $20 per person and tentatively scheduled for 7:00 pm. Dinner will be coordinated by Gail & Miller at their house.
  • 16 August –Bug Splat
  • 4 September – open for a member to plan
  • 20 Sept @ Panic Motor Sports in Columbia SC, John Haff will confirm date w/ Panic. 20 Sept will match up with breakfast date so we may do that together if the date works out with Panic.
  • 18 October – Dave Winkler is proposing breakfast and a Scavenger Hunt. He has a plan put together. Ready to execute.
  • November meeting is open for anyone to plan

For more detail on meetings and meals, please consult the club calendar – http://www.mastersmiataclub.com/calendar/.


Need a little change from your local track? How about sliding around in the woods, blasting through puddles and gettin’ 4 wheels off the ground. No laps here. Just a co-driver with a cast iron stomach giving you driving directions.


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