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Porsche 356 Outlaw

Nowadays, it seems “outlaw” Porsches are everywhere and all the rage. Back in the mid-1990s, however, when Mr. Jack Griffin decided to modify his 1955 Porsche 356 Continental, he wasn’t following a customization trend or fad but, rather, taking it upon himself to build the car Porsche would have built given the technology and resources.

Purists may scowl, but Jack finally has the Porsche he always wanted.


You’re at the track gunning for a fast time. You think everything is prepped and ready to go. Double check the nuts. Big and strong is probably better. Lose one, and you could be screwed.


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Would Apex

That skinny jean wearing purposefully scruffy facial hair having dude who is kinda smirking when you talk about off camber turns. Yeah, he might think 2/10 before hoping onto his fixed gear. You know it’s 10/10.


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Peach Parade Pictures

July Breakfast/Meeting

Runway Dog MenuMeet at 8:00 AM at the Greg’s Gas Plus at 1295 W Martintown Rd, North Augusta, SC (just north of I-20 off Exit 1) – map for a 30-40 minute drive to another small cafe near an airport.

The Runway Dog Cafe is located at 2544 Columbia Hwy North (US1) across the street from the Aiken airport if you just want to meet us there. – map

This place is literally a 2-woman operation so be prepared for leisurely service on styrofoam plates with plastic utensils. And if the same amount of people show up here, as did in June at the Airport Grill, some of us will be sitting outside at the 2 picnic tables…

Breakfast Etiquette:
Order Breakfast
Sit Where We Fit
Tip your Waitstaff
Defer to “Regulars”

Event Coordinator: Brian & Donna Bogardus 803-642-0767