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Stallion Slayer

You have 427 reasons to be afraid of snakes.

And oh, when this one bites, it bites HARD.


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W-1-2-3 Go!

Some folks use the traffic light as a way to start a mad dash sprint. Not you. You enjoy the ride. Change directions? No problem, you’ve got a steering wheel that could be used in a school bus. Need air? Just push a button with an arrow and something will come out of the vents. Best of all? While the “fast” dude has been sitting at the next light, you just cruise on by, no brakes needed!


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Miatas at the Gap

MATG XVIII – Come and join the largest annual gathering of Miatas in the country!

There will be vendors, free food, beer swaps, drives to area attractions (both natural and man-made), and of course… great roads, great people and great cars!

His Simian Cousin

When Ape-X and three of his Ape-Xing crew crash on a strange and unfamiliar racetrack, they begin circulating, only to realize these apexes may not be so strange and unfamiliar after all…


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Engine Oil

I am looking for a source for the 0w-20w oil for my 2012 mx-5.  Or what ever everyone uses?


Don Boltz