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A True Gentleman

During the week, dribbles of grease and ketchup find their way onto your white shirt at lunch, your better half always seems to be giving you dirty looks and yeah, you can’t help it if gases release from your body in public. But when the weekend rolls around, you put on that special suit, don your shiny protective cap and turn into a gentleman… racer.


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24 Heures

There’s a weekend in mid-June and you’ve got a job to do. No, you can’t swap days with someone else and why would you want to. Yeah, it’s a triple shift so you’ll be tired when it’s done. But you see, there’s this race in Le Mans and it’s gotta be seen. You’ve got the skills and stamina, so strap in (or ease into your la-z-boy) and keep your eyes Open 24 Hours!


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Saturday at Gerald Jones Mazda

Nineteen cars and twenty-six people joined us for the Dealer Day festivities on May 17th.  It was a beautiful day spent socializing and looking at all the Miatas. Thanks to Stacey for coordinating the event, to Gerald Jones Mazda for having us and for providing lunch, and to Jon for his presentation on the history of the MX-5/Miata and for whetting our appetites on the upcoming ND. 


Stallion Slayer

You have 427 reasons to be afraid of snakes.

And oh, when this one bites, it bites HARD.


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W-1-2-3 Go!

Some folks use the traffic light as a way to start a mad dash sprint. Not you. You enjoy the ride. Change directions? No problem, you’ve got a steering wheel that could be used in a school bus. Need air? Just push a button with an arrow and something will come out of the vents. Best of all? While the “fast” dude has been sitting at the next light, you just cruise on by, no brakes needed!


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