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April Meeting Minutes

When: April 3, 2014
Where: The Acorn Restaurant, Harlem, GA
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, David & Ann Adcock, Jackie & John Nicholls, Mike & Shirley Dyer, Bob & Pat Tarrant, Kurt Breitinger, Dennis & Karol Mason, Stacy and Cindy Timmerman, Alan Johnson, Rudy & Patti Wilmoth, Dave Winkler

Treasurer’s Report: March 1 – March 31, 2014 Balance on hand: 917.92

• Thanks to Mike and Shirley for coordinating the meeting tonight.
• The pancake breakfast had a great turn out. More than 300 people were there throughout the morning and several Miata’s showed up for the occasion.
• There were four from our club that attended Miata’s at Myrtle Beach and there were 70 – 75 total that were registered for the event. There were 40+ little cars that drove to the plantation for a tour. Lots of Rain that day, but fun was still had by all.

Old Business:
• Name Tags – Larry and Dennis will work on name tags and hope to have them at the next meeting.
• Jackets – Tom Varallo was not able to make the meeting but did send sample jackets for members to see and determine which they liked best. He will have two more to select from at the next meeting. Please be thinking about which jacket you would like. One comment was made that the jackets were not very feminine and perhaps the ladies should have some other choices to select from. More discussion will be conducted at the next meeting.
• Miata event at Gerald Jones Mazda – Stacy announced the date is May 17 and will begin at 10:00. We need as many Miata’s there as possible so spread the word. Leave one of the cards on any Miata you see and please note the event on the back of the card. There will be a one hour program geared toward the 25th Anniversary of the Miata. Please let Stacy know if you are able to make the event. He would like to give the dealership a tentative headcount.
• Tech Day – Rudy Wilmoth will send out an email to determine which date would be best attended: May 3 or May 31.
• The next meeting will be on May 1 coordinated by the Garner’s. Location TBA soon.

New Business:
• We received a thank-you note from Bonnie Baugh regarding the donation in memory of Bill.
• John Nicholls was able to open a new account for the club. The new bank does not charge a fee for the checking account, but we will have to purchase checks.
• Due to Easter weekend there will not be a breakfast outing in April.
• Dave Winkler announced that the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter there will be a presentation of the “Last Supper” at the Bicentennial Chapel at Ft. Gordon. Please contact him if you are interested in attending. Admission is free, but he has to give you a ticket to present at the door.

Below are the dates that remain open and need a coordinator:
August 7, September 4, October 2, November 6 – Dinner meetings
September 20, October 18, November 15 – Breakfast gathering
December – Christmas Party

Additional Miata Events:
April 26 Foothills Photo Rally – Lenoir, North Carolina
June 5-8 Zoomin’ in the Mountains of East TN

For more detail on meetings and meals, please consult the club calendar – http://www.mastersmiataclub.com/calendar/


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10 Years Ago – April 2004

Len Foote Hike & More

Date: Friday – Sunday, April 16-18, 2004
Place: North Georgia Mountains
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, John & Carol Haff, Bob & Anne Smith, Stacey & Cindy Timmerman and Rudy Wilmoth.
Guests Attending: Patti Letizia.

Friday dawned cool, but cloudless, for the drive up to Amicalola State Park. At each intermediate stopping point it seemed like someone’s top would go down until they were all tucked under their boots. We planned on lunch at Zaxby’s in Dahlonega, but when we got there, there was a sign on the door explaining they were closed because of a technical difficulty, but would open soon. Not wanting to wait we headed into town for pizza at Caruso’s. Because Carol & John were volunteering at the Hike Inn, they needed to be there a little earlier. They, along with Brian and Donna, hiked up on ahead of Stacey, Cindy, Bob and Anne who got to take a leisurely and more normal pace. The smart folks took a shower when they first got there in the afternoon, those who waited until that night, got a shower that was just a little warmer than ice.

A very pleasant dinner was followed by much relaxing around the rustic, but very nice Inn, making new friends and comparing blisters. With no TV and no Internet though, the 10:00 PM mandatory start of quiet hours, quickly became the start of sleepy time hours.
Sunrise at the Inn is definitely worth the price of the hike. They have built a room that faces east with a deck all around it that we gathered on to witness the start of the day. Following a hearty breakfast we split into the two groups again for the walk back. About a mile from the finish Donna took a tumble when a tree root grabbed her ankle, fortunately only minor physical damage was done.

Waiting to greet us at trail end were Patti and Rudy. They had driven up in Rudy‘s new Mazdaspeed MX-5. Stacey and Cindy hurried off home and the rest of us headed up to the lodge in the state park for a late lunch. After a nice buffet (the Grand could take some lessons) the Smiths and the Bogarduses headed back leaving the last 4 to plot a course to drive the Snake and then finish up with some outlet shopping before returning on Sunday.