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Based on your outfit and how tired you look your friends will guess you started a second job working the night shift for a moving company. But your true friends will understand those dark rings under your eyes are from watching your favorite team change four tires and adjust the front wing in under 2.6 seconds at 3am local time.


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Last Lap

What do you mean white flag? There’s no way I’ve been out here that long! That’s no fair, I just got the flow in those tricky esses right. And my tires are good and warm! C’mon, I can’t pit now, I need one more lap!


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Jalopshift contest winner #2!

Editor Raphael Orlove finally had the means to purchase his dream car, which also happens to be his first car! What does he proceed to do after picking it up in improved running condition from his mechanic? Put it in a ditch of course, bajajajajaja! #orloved


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A Service and Tuning Option for Your Miatas

Towards the end of our last club meeting at The Acorn Restaurant, Larry mentioned something about Panic Motorsports in West Columbia. They specialize in Miata and RX-7 salvage parts, Spec Miata builds and rentals, and racing support services. Another, less publicized, thing Panic Motorsports does is service and maintenance on street Miatas.

As luck would have it, I already had an appointment with Panic the Tuesday after our meeting for exactly that.  I wanted a new clutch, lighter flywheel, and a set of Öhlins coilovers installed, a full day’s worth of work. More troubling for them, I also wanted to hang out while they were working on my car to learn more about it. After explaining the double labor rate for such things, the owner, Steve Bertok, graciously agreed to my request. (Author’s note: Curiously, my education tax never appeared on my bill. He must have forgotten…)

Once I arrived, Steve and his two techs, Josh and Johnathan, patiently suffered my presence and questions all day. They also did a great job on my car’s improvements. I’m really pleased with the results.

Despite what the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, it’s okay to Panic for your Miata needs.

Panic Motorsports’ Website.

A 25-Year Affair With a Mazda Miata, Still Going Strong

Tom Voelk, who produces the Times’s video reviews, reveals what’s in his garage: a first edition Mazda Miata (you have to disable any adblockers to see the vid…)