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Box Box Box

Based on your outfit and how tired you look your friends will guess you started a second job working the night shift for a moving company. But your true friends will understand those dark rings under your eyes are from watching your favorite team change four tires and adjust the front wing in under 2.6 seconds at 3am local time.


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Ladies who lunch

While the guys play with the cars, come to lunch for a first ever ladies event!

May 3
11:30 am
Ruby Tuesdays
1183 Knox Ave.
North Augusta

The restaurant is located in the Belk Shopping Center.

Please let me know if you’re coming so I can give a heads up to the restaurant.

Last Lap

What do you mean white flag? There’s no way I’ve been out here that long! That’s no fair, I just got the flow in those tricky esses right. And my tires are good and warm! C’mon, I can’t pit now, I need one more lap!


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Coastal Empire Sports and Classic Car Rally


Feel free to LIKE and share the page, much more info to come!
(If you have a facebook account that is… I can’t even look at it.)

Tech Day

Meeting Place: Breitinger’s Speed Shop – map

Let’s plan to start at about 9:30 am. We’ll keep the shop at 4169 Sigman Drive, Martinez, GA open until the last project is done!

For the newer folks in the club, routine tasks can be accomplished with no pre-planning. Any more complicated jobs might need some discussion ahead of time, to make sure we can accomplish them during the day. I have many tools, a two-post lift, jacks and jack stands, a small hydraulic press, and oil change equipment. So, just start from there and think about what you might want to accomplish. Or, if you don’t necessarily have any tasks to do, just come over and hang out and help out. Do you just want to know what the bottom of your car looks like?

Event Coordinator: Kurt Breitinger 706-651-9121