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February Meeting Minutes

When: February 6, 2014
Where: Big Daddy’s BBQ on Belair Rd. in Martinez, GA
Who: Jill and Allen Johnson, Larry Garner, Dennis and Karol Mason, John and Jackie Nicholls, David and Sue Woomer, Frank Dennison (new), John Hoff, Rudy and Patty Wilmoth, Karen and Kurt Breitinger, Shirley Dyer, David and DeVona Eastman, Ernie Bloom, Jon Daudelin (new) and son Ryan, Stacy Timmerman.

Treasurer’s Report: January 1st – February 6th. Started at $962.00, received $10.00 from new member Frank Dennison. New balance: $972.00

Thanks to Jill and Allen for setting this meeting up. Thanks to all who stepped up to plan something for the club this year, there are still open dates for anyone who would still like to plan something. See Club Calendar.

Old business:
Secretary’s report from last meeting is on the website.

New business:
New member Frank Dennison was introduced. He was recruited via a card placed on his Miata when Larry and Rita noticed his white Miata in the parking lot at the KROC center. He has a 1999 Miata. Has always liked Miata’s got an opportunity to buy one recently. He enjoys racing.

New member Jon Daudelin was introduced. He works at Gerald Jones dealership on Gordon Highway and recently moved here from Lakeland Florida. He has lived here before; his wife has family living here. He brought his son Ryan to the meeting. Jon was asked by Stacy Timmerman to liaison with the club for the dealership. He is also going to head up the first Club Affiliation Meet and Greet planned for May 17th at Gerald Jones (Gordon Hwy) 1000-1100.

Stacy Timmerman says this meet and greet is just in early planning stages and he was wondering if we have any requests of what we would like to see or do?
– Jill Johnson suggested an oil change or service opportunity.
Stacy asked if we would like some time for service advisory? Look at new models? They are open to suggestions. He also wanted to know some preliminary numbers. Larry told him there were about 30 cars but may not all be present. Larry will talk to the Atlanta Club and the Columbia Club to see if they are interested in participating.

Bonnie Baugh tells that Bill Baugh had hospice arranged for him. This is a surprise to many since he attended and looked well at the Christmas party. Bill worked with GM in 1953-1954 and was very involved and “hand’s-on” in building the first small block (265hp) Chevy engine. He was also a member of the Greenwood Corvette Club.

Ideas Mentioned: Rudy brought up the idea to go back to using CB’s or Walkie Talkies when driving since the group is becoming so large. Walkie Talkies don’t seem to work when there are longer distances between or in the mountains, so CB’s seem to be the better option.

Calendar of Events:
February 22 – Lunch organized by Brian and Donna Bogardus. Drive to Shealy’s BBQ in Leesburg, SC. Meet at 10:00 am at Greg’s Gas Plus, Exit 1, SC. See website for more details.
March 6 – Dinner meeting organized by Dave and Sue Woomer. Location TBA
March 27-30 – Miata’s at Myrtle Beach.
March 29 – If you don’t plan on attending Miata’s at Myrtle then consider attending the Optimist Club meeting and Pancake Breakfast. John and Jackie Nicholls will meet at 8:00am at Greg’s Gas Plus at SC exit 1.

Other Miata Events:
Panic Motor Sports of Columbia SC will hold a Dyno Day sometime either April or May. Info provided at the next meeting.
June 5-8th Tracy’s Miata will host Zoomin’ in the Mountains of East TN. More information on our website.

Respectfully submitted,
Karol Mason
Vice Secretary

2 Thousand Ooh!

Pay homage to your elders. Grandpa might be a little older and a little slower than his offspring, but without him, they would never exist. Patriarch of the 3 and immortalizing the definition of true Klasse is what it’s all about.


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We may debate Metric vs SAE but we can all agree that America is grade-8-est! If ol’ George weren’t busy chopping at cherry trees, we’re pretty sure he woulda been turning a wrench on a wagon wheel. So this President’s day, make our forefathers proud and go tighten some nuts in the garage!


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Happy 25th Anniversary Miata!

It was 25 years ago when the Miata was introduced to the world at the Chicago Auto Show. Mazda has created it’s own 25th Anniversary page. (Warning, once you go there you can’t stop the automatically started video.) There is also a cute little time line showing Miatas through the years that you might find interesting. But here is the video to watch right here if you want.

Jay Leno does Mazda one better by bringing in a couple of guys instrumental in the development of the car 25 years ago, Bob Hall & Tom Matano. We get some early history and then Jay goes for a drive around the California Coast effervescing about the Miata. (I could be wrong, but that may actually be Jay’s Miata. His brother owned one and I remember hearing that he had inherited it when his brother died.)


A personality test for your buddies: do they see the tank half full or half empty? Let’s see, at 6.2 lb/gal and your tank holds 18 gal, subtract that from the car weight, divide by the moment of inertia, multiply times the track length divided by the number of turns, carry the one… hmmm, it seems that either of those answers means you need new friends.


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