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January Breakfast

Plan to join us for breakfast at the Salvation Army Kroc Centers Café on the Canal Saturday, January 18th. (Please let me know by Wednesday the 15th if you plan to attend, so they’ll prepare enough extra biscuits and have a table reserved.)

They open at 8 AM, so plan to meet at 8:15 to enjoy their all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for only $5, plus drinks! The buffet and coffee for 2 is $12.42. Breakfast items may include sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, fresh fruit, and more! Their fresh homemade, slow-cooked biscuits melt in your mouth.

The Center is located at 1833 Broad Street, Augusta, GA 30904. From either direction on Broad Street, turn onto Goodrich Street opposite Martha Lester school at the Canal bridge. Drive by and marvel at the sight of the King Mill and the amazing architecture for its time and stop to read the inscription on the tower. Keep in mind that the Canal is just to your left and you are below its water level. Continue straight ahead taking your time to get an idea of how large the building is up close, turn left at the end of the road and you’ll cross the Canal Bridge onto Eve Street. As soon as you cross, turn left into the parking lot. Look for our Miata and park in that area. As you face the building, there is a sidewalk leading to the side entrance to the left of the loading area. Enter there and the Café will be a short distance on your left.

After Breakfast, at 9:30, we’ll have a short tour of the Kroc Center. For those that have a New Year’s Resolution of getting in better shape, they offer one of the best facilities around with membership specials and personal training available. Their inside water-park is the best in the area. After that tour, we’ll gather outside and take a very short drive around the back and across the street to have our own private tour of the 1797 Ezekiel Harris House (admission is $2 each and some stairs is involved). They open at 10 and the tour should take about an hour. For those that want more – we’ll then drive thru downtown Augusta to the Augusta History Museum. Admission is $4 each or if we have 10+, only $2 each. The self-guided tour there could take about 2-hours. By that time we all may be hungry again and for those that want lunch, we’ll select a place in the area. Drive, eat, drive, eat…

Dare to Be Different in a Datsun 240Z

Owner Dave Scholz, shares his connection with a Japanese cult classic that could easily be regarded as the 911 of Japan. Its iconic beauty, modular mechanics, and desirability inspired Dave to heed to Datsun’s famous racing campaign of the ’70s, “Dare to be different.”

DJ Footwerk


Sunday morning, your favorite twisties lie ahead.
Belts are tight, windows down, TC off.
Time to make some real music.

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Pleiades Express


Good news everyone! We’ve created the world’s first Rally Rocket!

Your mission is… uhh what? Ahh yes! Your mission is to deliver this pile of shock tower reinforcements to sector 5! Just watch out for the treeoblomus monster when you round the divoted-apex galaxy!

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