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Intended Acceleration

The only stairs you take are the ones leading to the top of the podium. You shower only in champagne. You’ve made more donuts than you can consume in a lifetime. Rules are changed because your AWD monster is dominating the field.


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Is the Mazda MX-5 Any Good?

Chris Harris has been known to not like the Mazda MX-5, even calling it dirty words in an article a few years back. Now he gets to support his point by swapping his Ferrari 599 with Cameraman and Editor Neil Carey’s NA Mazda MX-5. Was Chris wrong a few years ago?

AM Meetup

Whether you’re a professional race car driver like this shirt’s designer or the least interesting man in the world, we can all drool together over a couple thousand hp lined up, waxed and glistening in the early morning sun.


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Another fun regional Miata gathering, this one has night time laps of Bristol Motor Speedway as its cherry on top.

Read all about it: Zoomin The Mountains Of East Tennessee

Foothills Photo Rally

This is essentially a map-guided tour, with a little competition thrown in just for fun! Entrants will enjoy some of the best and lesser-known Miata roads in the foothills. To add to the fun – Drivers and Navigators will be trying to identify the locations of several provided photos, and trying to answer the riddles and trivia questions encountered at the checkpoints!

Bring your reading glasses, enough fuel for 100 miles, a willing co-pilot, a good sense of fun, and maybe a little something to bribe the officials!

Expect an entry fee of $25 per vehicle. Email highcountryrallye@gmail.com to register.
See the Miata Forum post for more info.