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Steak & Shake

Steak & Shake

The Fring Ring


The finest racecars are brought together with love and care, then tested to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at Autodromo Hermanos. But don’t take our word for it. One formula race, and you’ll know.

Buy One!

Tubing Thursdays

Top Gear James May with the Mazda MX5
(Happy 10th Anniversary Miata)


Thanks for the tip Larry.

Abbeville Opera House

Where: Greg’s Gas Plus (Exit 1 off I20 on Martintown Rd., North Augusta)
Leave Time: 11:30 am

Scenic country roads to Abbeville with a stop midway for whatever your needs might be. We have reservations at The Village Grill at 1:00 for lunch. Even if you aren’t going to see Peter Pan, this is a nice drive and the food is very good. Go for the drive and lunch, then wander Abbeville’s antique shops. The play starts at 3 and we have 12 box seats reserved. Afterwards we will be heading back to Augusta with dinner somewhere TBA.

Newer members who missed out on the first announcement but would like to attend, contact me and I’ll see about getting tickets at our group rate of $16 each.

Event Coordinators: John & Jackie Nicholls 803-278-6724

October Meeting Minutes

When: October 3, 2013
Where: The Alley Chop House, Aiken, SC
Who: Brian Bogardus, Rita Garner, Karol & Dennis Mason, David & Sue Woomer, Patty & Rudy Wilmoth, Jackie Nicholls, Gail & Miller Butler, Linda & Mark Hoelper, Tom & Susan Varallo, Bobby & Patsy Tarrant New Members: Jackie & Chris Rodregues
Potential New Members: Derrick Boddy and son Evan

Treasurer’s Report: September 1 – September 30, 2013 Balance: $1,369

Thanks to Dave and Sue Woomer for coordinating the dinner meeting.

Old Business:

  • Name Tags – Larry received a photo from Mike and Shirley Dyer. A sample name tag was shared with the group and the group was encouraged to send photos to Larry or photos can be taken at a future meeting. Send photos to: garner49@comcast.net

Calendar Events:

  • Rudy and Patti Wilmoth agreed to coordinate the next breakfast gathering on October 19. Info TBA. (Thanks for volunteering!)
  • Brian Bogardus gave an update on the Deal’s Gap trip on November 1 – 3. Make your lodging reservations if you plan to join in on the fun. Fontana Village is the location, but there are other places to stay if you like. Check the calendar for details!
  • Rita & Larry Garner volunteered to coordinate the next dinner meeting on November 7. Details TBA. (Thanks for volunteering!)
  • Jackie shared information about the trip to the Abbeville Opera house on November 16 to see Peter Pan. Contact Jackie for more details. jandjnicholls@yahoo.com
  • The group was asked to consider a Christmas gathering. Rudy and Patty and Kurt and Karen have hosted this many times so we need some new volunteers. It is a pot-luck and normally we do a White Elephant gift exchange. If you are interested in hosting at your home, please share with the group and we can determine a date.

For more detail on meetings and meals, please consult the club calendar.

New Business:

  • Tom Varallo sent an email to the group asking about interest to attend shows at the Newberry Opera House. He asked that members let him know which events they would like to attend and he would coordinate tickets and the drive to Newberry. Please send your selections to Tom ASAP
  • Rita (the Secretary) has completed a registration form inventory and several folks do not have a form on file. She will send an email to the individuals and ask that the form be returned ASAP.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary