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Should We Update The Club Logo?

Original logo (Jan 1993 – Oct 2001):
Jan 1993 - Oct 2001

Current Logo (Nov 2001 – ?):
Nov 2001 -  Oct 2013

The original logo had a 1st generation Miata on it. Our current logo has a 1st and a 2nd generation Miatas on it. There are 3 generations of Miatas now with a 4th about a year or so away. Hopefully there will be a 5th and 6th generations and the Club will be around for the next 50 years to see them. Maybe it is time to have a new Club logo designed without a recognizable generation of the Miata in it.

After a brief and random search for the logos of Miata Clubs around the country, they either have no logo that I could see, they have just the 1st Gen Miata or no Miata at all.

We have had an influx of new members and we are running out of the Club Logo decals for putting on the cars. It is time to think about reordering decals, so:

[old broke poll was here]

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5 comments to Should We Update The Club Logo?

  • Jill Johnson

    I would like to see the club name and miata in larger font, and not so much emphasis on the car and golfer design. We want folks to spot and read the decal and know that if they have a miata, they would want to know there’s a club to join. Make the colors more eye catching. Maybe do a car graphic that is just an outline sketch, so that the model is not specific. Just my .02 Would you want to put the website address on the decal as well?

  • Rita Garner

    Many people have just had the logo embroidered on items. I like the current logo. It gets attention. How do we get away with a golfer and Masters together?

  • Larry Garner

    I like the design. If anything, drop the golf guy (I don’t anyway. Who does in the club?) and make the Miata name larger and maybe add the ‘c’. But as Rita said, many have had that logo put on items.

  • A new logo would be an option, not a requirement. I still have my original logo Club jacket that I wear. Not that there is anything really wrong with the current logo, but I was just looking for something more 21st century and with less of a certain model year specificity.

    I think we get away with the name and golfer is that we have an apostrophe in Masters and don’t have anything that looks like their trademark. Plus there are plenty of businesses in Augusta with Master in the name…

  • Dennis Mason

    I’m not crazy about the golfer dude either, however it does suggest it’s an Augusta ‘local’ club. Maybe we could broaden our reach by implying the ‘Master’s is that of the Miata,’ man and machine (don’t mean to sound male chauvinist) Also, as Jill stated,”…not so much emphasis on the car,” get a non-specific Miata, maybe an outline of the all to familiar smiley face grille!