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Tubing Thursday


Happy Halloween!
Miata content returns next Thursday…



Your buddy starts his campfire with a trigger pull on a fluorescent piece of plastic. He also owns a beige Camry and his favorite feature is the button that warms his butt. You’re different. Whether you’re making a bonfire or goin’ for the apex, you know nothing beats a proper manual Rev Match.

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Tubing Thursday


Sights and sounds of a Spec Miata race weekend from the folks at Classic Car Club Manhattan.

Should We Update The Club Logo?

Original logo (Jan 1993 – Oct 2001):
Jan 1993 - Oct 2001

Current Logo (Nov 2001 – ?):
Nov 2001 -  Oct 2013

The original logo had a 1st generation Miata on it. Our current logo has a 1st and a 2nd generation Miatas on it. There are 3 generations of Miatas now with a 4th about a year or so away. Hopefully there will be a 5th and 6th generations and the Club will be around for the next 50 years to see them. Maybe it is time to have a new Club logo designed without a recognizable generation of the Miata in it.

After a brief and random search for the logos of Miata Clubs around the country, they either have no logo that I could see, they have just the 1st Gen Miata or no Miata at all.

We have had an influx of new members and we are running out of the Club Logo decals for putting on the cars. It is time to think about reordering decals, so:

[old broke poll was here]

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Cloud Commuting


What’s the deal with this Cloud thing your buddy is always spazzing out about? Chill out man, it’s not really that awesome that all his crappy photos are now in “the Cloud”. You can think of a much better cloud, and all it involves is asphalt, your ride and your right foot.

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