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September Meeting Minutes

When: September 5, 2013
Where: Juniper, Ridge Spring, SC
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, Ernie Bloom, Karol Mason, David & Sue Woomer, Patty & Rudy Wilmoth, Jackie & John Nicholls, Gail & Miller Butler, Shirley & Mike Dyer, Cindy & Stacy Timmerman. Plus New Members New Members: Jill & Alan Johnson and Pat & Bobby Tarrant.

Treasurer’s Report: July 11 – August 31 – Collected dues of $100 – Balance on hand: $1,344.00

Old Business:

  • Due to the demise of a “giant” Dragon Fly, Dave Winkler became the winner of the 2013 Bug Splat. He proudly accepted the trophy. Check out the web site for the gruesome insect autopsy photos.
  • September 21 breakfast will be coordinated by Karol and Dennis Mason. Check out the calendar for details.
  • Breakfast on October 19th needs a coordinator
  • November 1 – 3 Run the Gap! Coordinated by Donna & Brian Bogardus. Check the calendar for details!
  • Name Tags – Larry did not receive any photos to make any name tags. Please don’t forget to send him a photo you with your car. This will be printed on your name tag (along with your name too!) Send photos to: Larry the Card Guy.
  • Member recruitment – Larry handed out a few groups of cards to be placed on random Miata’s that are seen in the CSRA. The card introduces the club and has the web site listed. He asked that you be considerate when placing the card on the vehicle. Also, you may want to add your name such as “Hi, my name is Ralph and I would like to invite you to come as a guest to one of our club meetings”. This is a good way to get some advertisement out there for the club. If you would like some cards to keep on hand, please let Larry know.

For more detail on meetings and meals, please consult the club calendar.

New Business:

  • Boshears Sky Fest is October 19 – 20 at Daniel Field. Larry offered to get special parking for the Miata Club for Saturday morning so the members can enjoy the car show. Please let him know ASAP if interested. He is not able to provide tickets to the Sky Fest, but the cost is nominal for all the sights and activities!
  • Web Master Brian notified President Larry that the web site hosting fee is up for renewal in November. The cost is $260 for three years. The members present all agreed to renew the hosting fee with Godaddy.com.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary



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