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Hot Hatch


If you’re ever in the need of a great getaway vehicle, you’ve got a choice between 7 generations. You may have a favorite, but really, any Mk is gonna help you survive. Run into some bat wielding thugs or less than honest 5-0? GTFO in a GTI.

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Tubing Thursday


Drivin’ Da’ Dragon

Running through Deals Gap from North to South. Watch at least to the 11:35 mark for a surprise!

Also a Client


Slowly you’ve see it getting worse. You look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how bad it’s going to get. You never saw yourself as one of those guys. It’s time to face facts: you’re losing time in the hairpins. By the time you noticed, you’ve already lost half a second per lap. But hope is not lost! Call today and get your apex and confidence back!

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It’s race weekend and you gotta have some BBQ. Yeah, you could throw a soggy hot dog on your backyard grill. But if you want the good stuff, go to COTA’s where you’ll get nothing but the finest baby backs by the 20 (uh, turns) from Austin’s best smokin’ pits.

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Tubing Thursday


60 Seconds with the Mazda MX-5 Miata

I just love it when people think just like me. 🙂