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Running is Enough


You don’t create spreadsheets to figure out what hood pins to buy or grind off bolt ends to save weight. That fire extinguisher isn’t there for show, it’s there because your car actually has a decent chance of going up in flames. If your hooptie is running that’s more than good enough. That’s hella good.

Buy one.

August Meeting Minutes

When: August 3, 2013
Where: Red Bowl Asian Bistro, Aiken
Who: Larry & Rita Garner, Ernie Bloom, Dennis & Karol Mason, David & Sue Woomer, Brian & Donna Bogardus, David & DeVona Eastman, Dave Winkler, Kurt & Karen Breitinger, Mark & Linda Hoelper, Tom & Susan Varallo, and Howard (Guest of Ernie)
Treasurer’s Report: August Report not available at this time.

Old Business:

  • Larry thanked the members for trusting him with the presidency of the organization and thanked Dennis and Karol Mason for volunteering to serve as back up when he and Rita are not able to make the meetings.
  • August 17 breakfast meeting will be coordinated by Brian and Donna Bogardus. Watch the calendar for the location.
  • September 5th Juniper Restaurant 640 E. Main Street, Ridge Spring, SC Meet at the Food lion parking lot in North Augusta at exit 5 at 5:30. Depart at 5:45 for drive to Ridge Spring. Coordinated by Mike and Shirley Dyer.
  • September 21 breakfast still needs a coordinator. Please volunteer to coordinate one of our gatherings. If interested, please let Larry know the details so they can be posted on the calendar.

For more detail on meetings and meals, please consult the club calendar – http://www.mastersmiataclub.com/calendar/.

New Business:

  • Name tags – Larry would like for all members to send him a .jpg of them and their car. He will print this on a name badge for members to wear at meetings. Please send your .jpg file to garner49@comcast.net
  • Member recruitment – Larry handed out a few groups of cards to be placed on random Miata’s that are seen in the CSRA. The card introduces the club and has the web site listed. He asked that you be considerate when placing the card on the vehicle. Also, you may want to add your name such as “Hi, my name is Ernie and I would like to invite you to come as a guest to one of our club meetings”. This is a good way to get some advertisement out there for the club. If you would like some cards to keep on hand, please let Larry know.

Respectfully submitted:
Rita Garner
Club Secretary

Tubing Thursday

Motorweek and John Davis review the 2013 Mazda Miata MX-5




Quick, what was the last thought when you woke up from your post-lunch nap? Was it an ephemeral image of an e30 M3? No, you’re not insane and that wasn’t a peyote-fueled trip through the spirit world. That’s a legit vision and it just means you’re M3NTAL. Now tell your co-worker to go away so you can search the interwebs for a nice one.

All Hail Dave Winkler, Slayer of Relatively Big Bugs

Big Bug Slayer

2013 Bug Splat Rally Wrap Up
Congratulations to Dave Winkler for taking home the coveted Big Bug Trophy. Ernie Bloom snagged the Closest To The Dot award, while the Garners got the Most Bugs prize and the Woomers were bestowed the Fewest Bug prize.

Also joining Donna and I on the drive were Kurt & Karen Breitinger, Linda & Mark Hoelper, Dennis & Karol Mason and former members David & Devona Eastman. Tom & Sue Varallo joined us for the meal portion of the event, but I wouldn’t let them compete as I felt the Chrysler minivan they were driving would give them a slight advantage.

Last night’s event was the 10th or 12th* Master’s Miata Club Bug Splat that Donna and I have organized and while it won’t go down in history as a very buggy event, I predict it will be the most remembered.

We start the route at the south end of Whiskey Road in Aiken at the Red Bowl and finish up on the south end of Martintown Road in North Augusta at a Sonic. Both ends of the trip are definitely “in town”, but in between I try and get as rural as possible, both to avoid traffic and to increase insect impact chances.

Usually there are about 6 cars that show up, including us, so I printed out 8 maps in a fit of optimism. I should printed at least one more. We had nine cars run the route, but no worries, the maps are usually not used at all because Donna and I in the Emperor lead the train of cars along the route.

About half way through the trip, in the middle of a 3 mile section of a very backroad road I had to slow way down as there was a stopped vehicle in our travel lane. The 9 Miatas that started at about a 1/4 mile long line quickly tightened up because of the obstruction. As I got closer I could see that it was a PT Cruiser convertible with its top down. There was a man standing on the back seat facing the side of the road. At first I thought he was looking for a stray dog or something, so I checked the oncoming lane and proceeded to pass. As I started around I realized I was wrong, he was letting loose a mighty stream of urine out onto the side of the road.

Yes, you read that right, while his wife, girlfriend, possibly date sat in the passenger seat he decided to stand in the back of a PT Cruiser convertible and relieve himself.

*Maybe Dave will confirm the number for me, by counting the names “engraved” on the trophy and adding one.