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10 Years Ago – August 2003


Date: Sunday, August 9, 2003
Time: 4:00 PM
Place: Baskin-Robbins, Evans
Members Attending: Brian & Donna Bogardus, Jim & Judy Creer, Carol & John Haff, Dave & Shirlene Harp, Cathy & Andrew Miller and Guest.

It was nice that it was air conditioned inside Baskin-Robbins, as our long delayed summer finally arrived in August. While our group mingled around a set of tables we had placed together, a 2001 SE Miata pulled in the lot. Out popped a gentleman and his young daughter who came in and got ice cream. John Haff went over and handed him a Club calling card and introduced himself. Turns out he was on a weekend test drive from one of the local used car places. Our group of Miata zealots either cinched the deal or he went back and got a nice quiet little Chrysler Sebring.

A passing gray cloud dropped just enough moisture to make us put our tops up as most of us headed down the street a bit to the Evans Diner. Eight of us crammed into a booth in the back to eat an early dinner of fried fish sandwiches with french fires covered in catsup, while debating whether boiling alive or decapitation is the more “humane” way to prepare a lobster. The chili dogs served there definitely need to be eaten only if one wears a bib – ask Jim.

You Are Q


If you ever find yourself slingin’ a UrQ around a slippery back road, there are a few things you should consider

1. Smile ’cause you’re friggin lucky!
2. Don’t roll.
3. Be like Röhrl.

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Breakfast at Betsy’s

Breakfast at Betsy's

We had 4 Miatas and a Bug-Eyed Kia Soul meet Donna and I at Greg’s Gas + in North Augusta this morning. Dennis & Karol Mason were waiting with John Haff for us to arrive and then not too much later Rudy rolled in followed by a Kia Soul containing ex-members Jim & Judy Creer who were visiting Augusta from their current home in Florida. The lure of seeing Jim & Judy even brought founding member Anita Wylds out to join us at the start too.

It was kind of like old times as everyone stood around in the parking area chatting to well past the scheduled departure time. The only thing missing was Jim Creer’s hood up. When we finally got going, luck was on my side as we made the 20 mile drive with all six cars together in spite of having to navigate 10 traffic signals, arriving at Betsy’s on the Corner only about 10 minutes late.

The entire Aiken Wing of the Club (the Woomers, the Dyers, the Ormerods and Tom Varallo) were inside waiting on us at the traditional Master’s Miata Club long table consisting of several separate units all pulled together. Who ever did the joining, the Club members or the restaurant staff, they were very in tune psychically as there were exactly as many chairs needed to seat both groups.

We then spent the next 1-1/2 hours talking, drinking coffee, ordering breakfast, talking drinking coffee, talking waiting, redirecting mis-delivered meals, correcting the oversights of our ordered meals, eating, talking, drinking coffee, eating, waiting of the waitress to figure out all the separate checks, talking, waiting, talking and then paying our checks.

The above photo was taken by a random patron, who volunteered to take a shot of our whole group and promised that it would come out great, as she was the daughter of a professional photographer. I was a little worried at first as I had to show her which button was the shutter on my camera, but by golly she did pretty darn good.



It’s pretty surprising what some people can do when they are pushed to their limits. Whether you’re cooking down the back straight or in your lab, just don’t push it too far or bad things can happen.
Walter White Approved

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Tubing Thursday


Mazda MX5 Bear Mountain Drive

This one is not really the greatest and not 100% Miata related, but there is a minute or so segment that is worth the effort – fast forward to the 2:15 mark and watch ’til he starts talking about his shirt. Or watch it all if you have 10 minutes you need to waste.