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LS Breeding Grounds


When you want to see wildlife, bring your binoculars to Black Lake. Grizzly bears and bald eagles? Nah, watch those on TV. You’re hoping to see a Z/28 in its natural habitat, or maybe or an elusive ZR1 being taught tricks by its C7 parents.

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Tubing Thursday


Oh You Crazy Kids

This frame bangin’ Miata is so much style over function that it actually looks like a caricature of the car we drive.

The Protectagon


When you step into the cage, you’ve got just one thing on your mind: beat the other guy. (Ok, maybe two, “Man, it’s hot in here!”) Your guillotine is a dive bomb for the apex, and your armbar is a right foot planted on the gas when the other guy lifts. You are a Cage Fighter.

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2002 ASCii


Maybe you grew up in an era of Atari Pong or maybe you just like vintage computing. Either way, when you first sit down in front of a TRS-80, no doubt that lesson 1 always teaches you how to say “Hello World”. Come on man! Couldn’t the writers of the lesson book have some more soul? How about showing us something really useful like a 2002, ASCii-fied!

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No Miata Content

In 1962, crime in Rome was remarkably under control thanks to the valiant efforts of the local police. To reward the success of the force, the president of the Italian Republic himself asked Enzo Ferrari to assign two very special Ferraris to police duty. One of the Ferraris is almost immediately destroyed. One survives to this day. This is the tale of the survivor.